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    The best programs to update drivers for free computers

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    In this article we propose the best programs for update PC driver for free, which will surely save you a lot of time and keep you from going crazy looking for the make and model of your computer's hardware components.

    For those who don't know what a driver, is nothing more than a set of information written in one or more files that allow an operating system to drive a hardware device.
    Update your computer's drivers through the programs we suggest, in adthetion to saving us time and effort, in adthetion to helping us not to download the wrong drivers, which can also damage our operating system, they help us to avoid viruses thesguised as drivers, which often happens when we look for drivers that are not very common and for which to have an excellent antivirus to stay safe is always important. Furthermore, having the latest updated drivers allows us to take advantage of all the new features and solve the problems (bugs) found in the first versions of the drivers.

    Programs to update pc drivers for free

    All the programs you find below are free, personally tested, and listed accortheng to our liking.

    Most of the programs are compatible with all versions of Windows, inclutheng XP, Vista, 7,8 up to Windows 10 both 32 and 64 bit.

    Iobit Driver Booster

    One of the best programs to report in the search as well as the classic PC drivers (which was also appreciated for having found all the old or missing drivers), also equipped with a pleasant interface and in your language is definitely Iobit Driver Booster. It is also very easy to use as it performs the automatic installation of the downloaded drivers, making this software very simple even for the less experienced or for the more experienced it is possible to manually select every single update. For those who need to backup the drivers, instead we find this function available in the Pro version. You can see all the features present in this program, in the review we made on Driver Booster

    DOWNLOAD | Driver Booster


    The program that ever found the most missing drivers, in the free version downloads the updates one driver at a time as opposed to the pro, but never mind, as updating the driver is an operation that should not be done often. Too bad that the driver procedure is not suitable for the less experienced, as the drivers must be installed manually as explained here. The Hardware Information section is nice where you can find lots of information about the installed hardware and the tools section where you can backup, restore, uninstall the drivers.

    DOWNLOAD | DriverEasy

    Device doctor

    Very simple program, essential, which allows in the free version to download one driver at a time in an executable version that is easy to install, but limited to 2 free drivers per day, a little too little.

    DOWNLOAD | Device Doctor


    Among all it is the program that is totally free, without limitations or other and with the simplest and most pleasant graphic interface, too bad that it has managed to find a few drivers to update, or at least the least amount of the programs listed.

    DOWNLOAD | SlimDrivers

    Driver Identifier

    Good amount of drivers to be updated detected, free program, but suitable only for the most experienced, which moreover requires a quick registration to download the drivers even by entering an invented email.

    DOWNLOAD | Driver Identifier


    The leanest of all the programs that, like the previous one, require registration in order to download the drivers.

    DOWNLOAD | MyPcDrivers

    Answer our survey and if you want to leave a comment to tell us how you feel or to suggest a program not present in the list.

    The best programs to update drivers for free computers

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