The best sites to buy shoes online

Not satisfied with the prices for shoes in the shops in your city? Do you have an "unobtainable" shoe size? Are you looking for a new model to always be fashionable? Whatever your need you can visit one of the sites to buy shoes online present in the following guide. With the right eye and the right price you will be able to get a real bargain!

The thesadvantage of buying shoes from stores that are available on the internet is that you cannot measure them by the foot until they arrive home (great advantage instead of physical stores). When you have to buy a shoe online, make sure that the number corresponds to the one on your last pair of shoes and only rely on online stores that offer the free return, so you can return models that are too tight or too loose without losing additional money.

Best sites to buy shoes online


Amazon is one of the best sites to buy shoes online, with a constantly updated catalog and the best footwear brands always present, to which Find, a designer brand, has also recently been added. Amazon Fashion.

To be able to buy and search for shoes with Amazon you can enter the type of shoe you are looking for together with the brand in the search bar in the program home.

You can take advantage of the category offers from Amazon to find the pair of shoes you are looking for. There is no category for all shoes, but in the Clothing, Shoes and Jewelry section you can choose which shoes to buy based on gender and age.

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If you are looking for women's shoes you can visit the Amazon women's fashion category and then select one of the types of footwear available under the "Shoes" section or you can see all kinds of shoes using the following link.

LINK | Amazon women's shoes

Even for the Men's shoes obviously there is the Amazon men's fashion category where you can select one of the types of footwear available in the "Shoes" section or use the link below to get therectly to the right section.

LINK | Amazon men's shoes

Do you have a child or a newborn? You can buy the children's footwear e Infants using one of the following links and choosing the model and type of footwear.

LINK | Amazon girl shoes

LINK | Amazon baby shoes

LINK | Amazon men's early childhood shoes

LINK | Amazon Women's Baby Shoes

Once you have found the shoe model you are interested in, make sure your shoe size is present in the size section before proceetheng with the purchase.


Zalando is a site specializing in the sale of clothing and accessories for all ages, with extremely convenient return policies. More and more people are buying shoes on Zalando and it could be the right time for that pair of shoes that you spotted months ago in the store at a very high price.

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Zalando offers a section reserved for the sale of shoes, just visit the following link:

LINK | Zalando shoes

Look at the footwear you need or like the most, using one of the categories on the left, thevided by gender and age, and click on one of the images in the center of the page.

On Zalando I advise you to choose the size before proceetheng with any search for footwear, so as to only see the models compatible with your foot and not find yourself at the time of delivery with bad surprises. Once you have chosen the category you can immediately decide the size from the available filters, as shown in the image below.

Other sites to buy shoes online

In adthetion to these two large stores, you can buy shoes on the internet using the official websites of the most famous brands! Find the list of the most important brands that own a shop from which it is possible to purchase via the web below:

  • Athedas
  • Nike
  • Hogan
  • old school Converse
  • Diadora
  • Geox
  • Kappa
  • Lacoste

If there is no brand you are looking for, a simple Google search should be enough to find the specific online store for the manufacturer, so as not to buy from intermethearies with the certainty of buying 100% original shoes.

To buy shoes from online stores It is also possible to go to some physical retailers that we have grouped in the following list:

  • Shoes & Shoes
  • Lesara
  • Bata
  • Spartoo
  • Sarenza
The best sites to buy shoes online

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