The best sites to download free fonts

Often when we want to create a greeting card or want to write a slightly more original document, we are forced to settle for the few fonts (characters) available, which are quite common and do not inspire much.

The web allows us to find an infinite number of thefferent and above all original types of fonts, which is essential especially for those who want to get a tattoo and want something special suited to their taste.Below you will find one list of the best font sites to download for free, from the simplest to the most bizarre. I sorted them based on the quantity and originality of the fonts and also based on the ability to preview and ease of download.

Sites to download Free Fonts

  1. Cufonfonts (contains a myriad of fonts to browse and easy to download)
  2. Searchfreefonts (excellent site with well-organized fonts by categories, and I recommend you take a look at the top 50 from the menus above)
  3. Dafont (also among the 10 best font sites I found, very lucky and neat)
  4. GoogleFonts (huge collection of free fonts to download and ethet)
  5. Fontsquirrel
  6. Fontstruct (like Cufonfonts but a little less provided)
  7. 1001fonts (many fonts, which can be viewed in thefferent sizes and colors very comfortably)
  8. Abstractfonts (good amount of fonts, quite original)
  9. Boorp (site well organized into categories)
  10. Fontspace (in adthetion to having many fonts, it provides an excellent preview to view them better)
  11. Fontzone
  12. Hypefortype
  14. Fontcubes
  15. A size
  16. Fontscaratteri
  17. Openfontlibrary
  18. Multimethea-stock
  19. 2200freefonts
  20. Betterfonts
  21. Creamundo
  22. Fontcenter
  23. Theleagueofmoveabletype

Once you have downloaded your font by following this quick guide you will understand how to install them in your operating system and in your programs: How to install a font

If, on the other hand, you have seen any font on the internet that you like but do not know what it is called and how to identify it, you can follow our article that explains how to identify it: Find and identify a font

If you want to create a logo, you may find this article useful: Create free logos online

A little history on the Fonts

The first font was created by Johann Gutenberg, inventor of movable type printing (forged in soft metal) with which the beginning of modern printing began. Its first printing mentioned the “Gothic blackletter” style precisely to recall the handwriting used for all the books written up to then.

The best sites to download free fonts

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