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The term sandbox in the videogame world it indicates all those videogames that provide the user with an extensive system of editor. This translates into a great deal of freedom offered to the player who is thus able to create multiple variations of the game itself. This definition represents the quintessence of The Endless Mission which aims to become the sandbox par excellence, here is our review.

The Endless Game is the new production of E-Line Media currently available in early access on Steam. It is, as anticipated, a huge creation sandbox in which we could modify, play, hack, create or destroy any element of the game.

The Endless Mission recensione

In The Endless Mission you take on the role of ADA, a mysterious character with no past who finds himself out of the blue in a futuristic development center of alternative realities. Here you can explore various sections of the structure that it practically serves as a menu (albeit unusual) from which to access the various modes offered by the game. With The Endless Mission it is possible to modify and create levels and adventures in three types of video games: Platform, Real Time Strategy e action in prima persona.

This means that within the game there are other games of different genres and virtually infinite. Leveraging ADA like Avatar we will be able to navigate the map and start creating our own videogame. To enable us to do this, The Endless Mission uses the game engine Unity, one of the most widespread, thanks to which we will be able to create, change e hack really all the components of the game itself, from characters to decorations, from enemies to platforms and so on.

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The game between games

Each game genre available in the game has certain characteristics:

  • Platform - When we choose to enter the world of the platform genre, our avatar will be replaced by agile Capitain Blackclaw, which will help us with its feline abilities, to juggle the levels. The commands needed to overcome the platforming levels of the game are more than basic, they are limited to a jump, a double jump, dash and ranged attacks. We will have to use these skills to collect gods collectable scattered around the map and win the game
  • Real-time strategy (RTS) - The strategic genre in The Endless Mission has (few) elements typical of this type of video game. Two factions (Undead and Knights) compete on a map by acquiring resources to create troops and destroy the opposing base. The graphics sector is reduced to the style of the old huge 8-bit video games very similar to titles like Minecraft thus adapting to situations with many characters on the screen that would risk slowing down the game enormously
  • Third person action - This mode is the only one that has a "History”As we will use the character of ADA within the two genres we have just seen. This is certainly the most interesting and rich in content mode in which we will be able to use the technological and hacker potential of ADA to actively act on the world around us and eliminate enemies.
  • Car racing - This is a Work in Progress genre that will soon be available in the game
Download QR-Code The Endless Mission Developer: E-Line Media Price: 12,49 €

Endless possibilities ...

La variety of genres, destined (we hope) to increase, certainly allows great freedom to the player who can choose which type of game to concentrate on to face the missions included in the base game, create his own war map or select and play the maps created by other users of the Community. The Endless Mission makes it possible to download user created levels and worlds and try to address them or change them completely. Likewise, you can upload your own creation and set specific goals or rules that apply only to your world.

The Story mode, which affects all genres, represents a valid alternative for those users not so accustomed to editing levels. It all begins within the section dedicated to strategic video games, in which ADA will be involved in spite of itself, becoming part of the game itself (always in the game). Here she will begin to live and interact with various characters that she otherwise could have changed or destroyed with just one click. Her abilities remain unaffected, however, and she can still attack or decompose enemies, to make her way through the zombie hordes and try to understand a little more about where she is.

The main story is pleasantly characterized by a hilarious humor (which transpires in the trailer above) which manages to make, at times, funny, a plot that has very little interest.

… But not yet reality

All the infinite possibilities of the game lose some value, creative and otherwise, due to the too much simplicity of the gameplay. Don't get me wrong: creating a level, of any kind, in which you have to evaluate every single element from the most useful to mere physical detail, requires an exaggerated amount of time to understand the commands, especially in the early stages of the game. The simplicity lies in the limited possibilities given to the characters and to the various genres that end up making the player lose interest.

In the same way, the graphics in Minecraftian stile dell'RTS, which occupies a large percentage of story mode, it seemed a risky choice that fails to give us the feeling of a medieval city invaded by zombies. Fortunately, ADA's abilities move the situation, which can annihilate enemies by breaking down their resources or creating bridges and portals.

The graphics of the platform modeInstead, it features a more cartoonish and cheerful style, although it lacks too many animations, gameplay that goes beyond jumping and better camera control. Playing as Captain Blackclaw with the camera stuck in a corner of the level is not a good thing.

The Endless Mission review: conclusions

Ultimately, The Endless Mission is a title designed primarily for sandbox lovers with patience to create unique and personal platforming levels and strategy maps. Touching various genres, the elements to be edited are many but not so many for a game that aims to become "infinite".

It must be said that the game is still in Early Access therefore the game elements can increase as well as the various genres offered. Although the "Coming Soon" such racing has been there for more than a month, we remain confident in seeing new opportunities in The Endless Mission, perhaps developed with more attention. Take on the role of ADA in a FPS (First Person Shooter) or in one fighting it would be a more than interesting turning point.

The Endless Mission

  • Endless possibilities
  • Innovative sandbox elements
  • Great humor
  • Sometimes dispersive
  • Still a few elements of customization
  • Project still too immature

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