The essential keyboard shortcuts in Excel

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There are many keyboard shortcuts in Excel. These, in addition to reducing your working time, improve the ergonomics and the speed of execution of certain tasks. The keyboard shortcuts we list will allow you to use Excel faster with both hands on the keyboard.

Top 10 Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

  • F2 : enter content in the selected cell

  • F4 : freeze a cell, a column or a row when entering a formula

  • Ctrl+Arrow : reach the end of a data table (or sheet)

  • Shift+Arrow : select data from adjacent cells

  • Ctrl+Shift+Arrow : select a data table easily in Excel

  • Delete key : delete the contents of an Excel cell

  • Ctrl+Wheel : zoom in or zoom out in Excel

  • Ctrl + Alt + V : make a special paste

  • Shift + F3 : insert an Excel formula (function)

  • Alt + F8 : create, edit, launch or delete a macro

The 10 basic shortcuts in Excel

  • Ctrl + A : open a spreadsheet

  • Ctrl + W : close a spreadsheet

  • Ctrl + S : save an Excel file

  • F12 : save as...

  • Ctrl + F : find and replace a value in Excel

  • Ctrl + N : create a new workbook

  • Ctrl + P : print an Excel file

  • Ctrl + Z : undo the last action

  • Ctrl + Y : perform a previously undone action

  • Escape : cancel editing an Excel cell

Other keyboard shortcuts in Excel

  • Alt+F, L, S, P, U, 脡, R, N, Q : move from one tab to another in Excel (ribbons)

  • F9 : perform calculations in all sheets of all open files

  • Shift + F9 : perform the calculations of the active Excel sheet only

  • Tab : move to the next cell (on the right)

  • Shift + Tab : move to the previous cell (on the left)

  • Ctrl + 9 : hide selected rows

  • Ctrl + 0 : hide selected columns

  • Ctrl+Shift+Arrow : select a row, a column or a table

  • Shift + F2 : enter content in comment

  • Ctrl+ 芦 ; 禄 : enter today's date automatically

  • Ctrl+ 芦 : 禄 : enter the current time automatically

  • Ctrl+Shift+% : convert a number into a percentage

  • Alt + Enter : skip a line while remaining in an Excel cell

  • Shift + Enter : go back to the previous cell (up)

  • Ctrl+Space : select an entire Excel column

  • Shift+Space : select an entire row in Excel

  • F11 : create a graph with the selected data (separate sheet)

  • Shift + F11 : create a new Excel sheet

  • Ctrl+Shift+ 芦 _ 禄 : remove table borders

  • Ctrl + Shift + 7 : add borders to an Excel table

There are a lot of keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Office suite software. We have compiled the most interesting ones for you, but if you are looking for more, consult the official documentation.

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