The INPS site is not working, what is happening and why is it inaccessible?

From today it is possible to request the covid-19 bonus of 600 euros, intended for VAT holders, at the INPS website. However the site is inaccessible. But why does not work? The answer is as simple as it is obvious: the same thing happened with supermarkets. Overcrowding of people. 

INPS site cannot be accessed

Today, April 1st, it is finally possible to apply for the € 600 bonus provided for self-employed workers with a VAT number. You must have the INPS portal pin (click here to request it) and then go to this address. However, as early as midnight, the INPS website has stopped working, and still today does not work. Only a few users report a successful login to us around 2:00 the night just passed.

What is the reason for this unavailability? Simple, the massive request for access to the site and the announcement page for the bonus of 600 euros present in the Cura Italia decree. The INPS site was not (incredibly) prepared for such a number, and the servers relentlessly gave in. However, the situation should improve in the next few hours.

Meanwhile, many users report ugly privacy issues. Those who miraculously managed to access the site saw themselves "called" Luciano Vangone. Who is? An unsuspecting taxpayer who jumped into trend on Google and whose generals were revealed due to a bug on the INPS website. What a mess. 

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INPS website unreachable on April 1st? All expected.

The president of INPS Tridico, in an interview with ANSA, warns about the slowdown problems of the INPS website “From 8.30:300 am to 100:XNUMX am, we received XNUMX regular questions. We are now receiving XNUMX questions per second. Something never seen on the INPS systems that are holding up, although blockages are inevitable with these numbers ”. The problems encountered are therefore in line with what was expected by the Institute. The INPS Tridico president also had to reassure self-employed workers with a VAT number:

“There is no rush. Questions can be asked throughout the crisis period “. So, if you currently have problems with access, do not despair: you can send the application in the next few days, the funds have been insured by the government, and the coronavirus emergency is certainly not in the near future.

12 hours update: 45

The INPS site has been made inaccessible, totally offline, all that appears is this message:

It is impossible to login to the MyINPS personal page, and not only to request the € 600 bonus, but for any portal service.

We will continue to monitor the situation, and will keep you updated with this article.

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