The review of the realme GT 2 pro: realme towards the top of the range

The review of the realme GT 2 pro: realme towards the top of the range

Since its debut on the European market, realme proved an extraordinary one balance between performance and price when it comes to smartphones. Since then, the road made by the Chinese company has been so great and paved with successes, so much so that it has earned it the fourth place among the best smartphone companies. With the GT series, realme has raised the bar and the standard of its products and intends to stay on this path. A few days ago, on the occasion of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the new realme GT 2 pro, the first smartphone with a Snapdragon 8 processor in Europe. Let's find out all the features of the realme GT 2 pro and how it performed in the field in this review

Our review of the new realme GT 2 pro

The previous model of Realme gt, released last year with a detaching Master Edition, introduced us to a foolproof combination of design and performance. Even this year, realme maintains high standards with a new model that brings with it all the pros of the realme GT along with new and interesting news. Let's find them all!

The design of the realme GT 2 Pro

The review of the realme GT 2 pro: realme towards the top of the range

As anticipated, the new realme GT 2 Pro continues the GT series tradition of offering users a great design style which, once again, bears the signature of designer Naoto Fukasawa. From his genius was born the first sustainable design made with biopolymers and inspired by the art of card creation. The designer's study, which lasted about a year, led to the creation of four different variations that incorporate craftsmanship and the cutting-edge technique of 0,1 mm laser engraving. The color variants available are: Paper White, Paper Green, Steel Black and Titanium Blue. The result is a more unique than rare smartphone which, in addition to offering an interesting design, guarantees excellent grip.

The version we tested thanks to realme was the coloring Paper Green. The feel of the back of the device is truly unique and perfectly reminiscent of the feel of craft paper under your fingers. The knurled-like pattern is very pleasant, guarantees an excellent grip and leaves no fingerprints or similar marks. The upper part instead bears, under the realme logo, the signature of Naoto Fukasawa in a slightly raised section. Much more prominent is the photographic sector made up of two large 50MP lenses each and the lens with micro lens.

On the right side of the smartphone we find the power button without the fingerprint sensor which, as for the realme GT, is located under the screen. On the left side instead, the volume control button. At the bottom we find the type C input for charging, the audio output and the slot for Sim cards. Great absent, the headphone jack input.


The realme GT 2 Pro is equipped with Super Reality Display da 6,7″, capable of delivering incredibly realistic and colorful images. This is the first Flat Display AMOLED 2K con tLTPO 2.0 technology in the world. The AMOLED Display offers 5 million pixels and a whopping 525 pixels per inch can offer a 10-bit color depth. All of this results in a variety of colors equal to an impressive 1,07 billion, 64 times more than a typical 8-bit display. A higher pixel density is also capable of showing sharper text and surprisingly detailed images.

LTPO 2.0 technology, the Super Reality display is capable of automatically adjust the refresh rate from 1 to 120 hertz. This guarantees better battery management for a duration of more than approximately 2 hours. The safety factor with the Gorilla Glass Victus protection by Corning.

The technology of the realme GT 2 Pro

Surely the strength of the new realme GT 2 Pro is found under the body. Here we find in fact the latest generation Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor which makes the realme GT 2 Pro the first smartphone in Europe with the new generation. This processor uses the new ARM v9 architecture 20% faster and able to offer 30% greater energy savings. In support we have one 4th generation Adreno GPU which, even in this case, improves performance up to 30% more than the previous generation and a further improvement in energy savings.

That of the autonomy is one of the points that realme has always treated with great care, becoming a promoter of technologies designed to increase battery life and reduce recharging times. In fact, in the realm GT 2 Pro we find one large 5.000 mAh battery that guarantees up to 21 hours of video streaming. The battery also supports the technology of 65W realme Super Dart fast charging able recharge the battery from 0 to 100% in just over half an hour.

However, the speed of charging should not scare you because the smartphone is equipped with one extraordinary heat dissipation system. In fact, we find the largest heat dissipation area of ​​36761mm2 for a cooling up to 3 degrees Celsius. The cooling area consists of a 9-layer structure for excellent heat management even in the most demanding situations.


Moving the lens (it should be said) on the camera compartment, we find an excellent triple camera: a 50MP main sensor, the world's first 150MP 50 ° ultra-wide camera and a 40x micro-lens. The main camera adopts the flagship IMX766 sensor with full PDAF and OIS functionality. This sensor has both optical image stabilization for photos and electronic stabilization for videos to compensate for hand shake.

The ultra-wide camera allows shots with a 278% increase in the field of view. In contrast, the camera's micro-lens 2.0 with 40X zoom allows you to look closer. Realme version 2.0 allows you to be 2 times further from the subject making focusing much easier, increasing the depth of field by 4 times.

The review of the realme GT 2 pro: realme towards the top of the range realme GT Master Edition Smartphone 6GB+128GB 6,4 pollici 5G...
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Our test of the realme GT 2 Pro

The review of the realme GT 2 pro: realme towards the top of the range

We tested the new realme GT 2 Pro for about two weeks during which it replaced our smartphone of daily use, not surprisingly, last year's realme GT. For this test we brought the new smartphone with us to Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress 2022.

Let's start by saying that from an aesthetic point of view, realme maintains the very high standards it has accustomed us to. The Paper-Green version is pleasant to see and touch and guarantees an excellent grip. Included in the package, we find a biopolymer cover that has the same signature of Naoto Fukasawa on the back of the device, which makes the choice to cover that vibrant green less "painful". Despite its size, the smartphone weighs less than 200 grams and is 8 millimeters thick, also easy to hold with one hand.

Il from 6,7 ″ proved to be a pleasure for the eyes even in case of continuous use. The color rendering, which usually an inexperienced eye does not pay particular attention to, is really impressive and made the difference during use. Likewise, the new generation Snapdragon returns excellent speed of action and excellent device response. Whether it's using the simplest and most immediate apps, watching videos or playing the most demanding video games, your smartphone will always react in the best way. To support all this we have 12GB of RAM that can be expanded by sacrificing part of the storage memory, which we remember is 256GB.

Password: autonomy

For the past two weeks we have been using the realme GT 2 Pro every day and all day and between using the camera, social media and even after a live stream on our Twitch channel, we have always managed to get to the end of the evening with at least 10-15% of the battery. As has become tradition, this realme GT 2 Pro also supports 65W fast charging with the good old charger included in the package.

The Ultra Dart refill really does what it says on the tin and allows you to recharge your phone to 100% in just over half an hour. Despite this, it may happen (like us) to put your smartphone on charge for the whole night. No problem! Realme's tried and tested system guarantees intelligent charging by interrupting and activating autonomously to ensure greater longevity of the battery life.

An eye on the world

The photographic sector of the realme GT 2 Pro also defends itself very well, although other models currently present a more complete set. Particularly interesting is the set of modes and novelties that this model presents, starting from the wide-angle of 150 ° degrees, an excellent way to have a wider view of landscapes and monuments. Among the other modalities we find, alongside the more classic ones, the possibility of create 3D photos between different variations (Hitchcock, Vortice, ecc), take low-light night photos and the Starry Sky mode.

  • The review of the realme GT 2 pro: realme towards the top of the range
    50MP main camera
  • The review of the realme GT 2 pro: realme towards the top of the range
    Low light night mode
  • The review of the realme GT 2 pro: realme towards the top of the range
  • The review of the realme GT 2 pro: realme towards the top of the range
    Camera Selfie da 32MP
  • The review of the realme GT 2 pro: realme towards the top of the range
    50MP main camera
  • The review of the realme GT 2 pro: realme towards the top of the range
    150 ° wide angle

To these is added the fascinating microscope mode which exploits the potential and technology of the 40x micro lens placed on the back of the device. Although in everyday use it does not have such a relevant applicability, for content creators and photographers it represents an interesting variant capable of giving shocking results that we did not expect from a "simple" smartphone.

  • The review of the realme GT 2 pro: realme towards the top of the range
    50MP main lens
  • The review of the realme GT 2 pro: realme towards the top of the range
    20X Microscope Mode
  • The review of the realme GT 2 pro: realme towards the top of the range
    40X Microscope Mode

Also from the video point of view, the realme GT 2 Pro performs excellently thanks to the exceptional shooting ability in low light conditions and the double stabilization OIS + EIS. The latter guarantees a balance of individual frames, for videos with a professional rendering.

The review of the realme GT 2 pro in a nutshell

After daily use of the realme GT 2 Pro, we were able to experience first-hand the new standard that realme intends to instill in the GT family. Efficiency, power and autonomy, enclosed in a device with an intriguing design. Every test we presented to the new realme GT 2 pro to carry out this review has been passed with flying colors. The technology developed by the company and the willingness to test yourself with new challenges, has produced a smartphone that will satisfy you.

If the realme GT 2 Pro cannot yet be considered a real "Top of the range", also considering the competitors that belong to this category, it is undoubtedly a very valid alternative which, once again, is strengthened by the excellent ratio quality price.

Price and features of the realme GT 2 Pro

The review of the realme GT 2 pro: realme towards the top of the range


  • Dimensions:: 163,2mm, Width: 74,7mm, Thickness: 8,18mm
  • Weight: 189g (for Paper White / Paper Green models), 199g (for Steel Black model)
  • Processor: Snapdragon 8, Gen 1
  • CPU: 4nm processor, octa-core, up to 3,0GHzGPU
  • RAM: 8GB o 12GB
  • Storage space: 128GB o 256GB
  • Display: 6,7″, WQHD+ (3216×1440)
  • Rear camera: Ultra angular 50 + 50MP main lens, 40x micro lens camera
  • Front camera: 32 MP
  • Battery: 5.000mAh, support 65W SuperDart fast charging
  • Network: Wi-Fi a 2,4 GHz/5 GHz, 5G, Bluetooth 5.2
  • System: realme UI 3.0 based on Android 12


The realme GT 2 Pro is now available at a price of € 749,99. Until tomorrow, March 8, an early bird promotion is available that will allow you to get this brilliant smartphone for € 649,99.

The 12GB and 256GB version instead costs € 849,99.

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