Tim Open: what the startup platform is and how it works

Tim Open: what the startup platform is and how it works

Startups don't always have the opportunity to interface with new customers, especially when it comes to B2B products. Don't worry though, there is a platform that can connect startups and potential customers. Is called Tim Open and it is a platform designed specifically for business. It allows the startup and developers to configure their own cloud application and make it immediately available to Italian companies through TIM's distribution channels

Tim Open: what is it?

As we said before it is one B2B platform within which developers and startups can take advantage of the tools for developing cloud solutions and earn by selling their service on marketplace TIM Digital Store.
TIM OPEN therefore offers tools for software development: from high quality infrastructural resources, compliant with national and European regulations, to the Application Programming Interfaces (API) of TIM services (from SMS to geolocation) to integrate new capabilities into their applications or business processes. . The other functions made available allow for order management, promotion, and billing allowing developers to focus exclusively on the development of their service.
Tim Open is therefore a meeting point between those who create innovative apps and solutions and the companies that need them to grow and do business.

Tim Open: how does it work?

To use Tim Open, simply register on the open.tim.it site to have access to what you need to develop and sell your app: from the APIs for developing applications to the infrastructure needed to host them, up to the distribution channels (marketplace TIM Digital Store and territorial commercial network).
The platform - which is aimed at developers, IT operators, innovative startups - does not require a paid subscription. His earning form of Tim Open? A simple percentage of what you will sell.

Tim Open: who made it?

There are several startup who have relied on the Tim Open platform to accelerate their business. Below you can find eight very Italian success stories.









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