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More and more users pass from iPhone to Android (and vice versa). The Android operating system is certainly more flexible than Apple iOS and in recent times the news and innovations introduced by Android are also making a difference in terms of devices (mobile phones and tablets) sold. If you are among those users who is passando da un iPhone ad Android (or vice versa) and you are looking for a quick and easy way to transfer data from iPhone to Android, in this article there is the solution for you. We actually point out its software solutions that you can use to do this file transfer.

Solution 1. dr.Fone Switch
Solution 2. Mobiletrans

# 1. Transfer data between iPhone and Android with dr.Fone

dr.fone is an application for Windows and Mac that has a series of functions inside it that are useful for managing the data of your mobile phone (iPhone or Android). Here is how to use this program to transfer data from iPhone to Android (or vice versa from Android to iPhone).

Download and install dr.Fone on your computer by clicking on the following buttons (depending on your computer's operating system):


Here is the main interface of the program that you will see after starting:

Click on below TELEPHONE TRANSFER as highlighted above to open the “dr.Fone Switch” module. Here is the window you will see:

Using a USB cable, proceed to connect the two mobile phones: both the iPhone and the Android phone.

NB: When connecting the device Android the program will ask you to activate the mode on it USB debugging. It is an easy setting to activate: go to Settings -> Device Info (or PHONE INFO) -> Software Info -> click 7 times on Build version (o SERIAL NUMBER) until developer mode is activated. Then you have to go back to the Settings  -> Developer Options and activate the USB DEBUG option

Once the two phones are recognized by dr.Fone you can select the desired data from the center of the screen and proceed with the transfer of the same. You will be able to transfer contacts, sms, calendar, notes, call log, photos, music, videos, voice memos and applications!

Really all very simple! Below we also want to link the video tutorial on how to transfer data between iPhone and Android with dr.Fone

#2. Transfer data between iPhone and Android with Mobiletrans

MobileTrans this is the name of the app for Windows and Mac OS X designed to transfer any data from iPhone to Android in one click: SMS Messages, Photos, Videos, Contacts and Music.

Here are the links to download and / or purchase MobileTrans for Windows:


If you have a Mac OS X, here are the MobileTrans for Mac download / purchase buttons:

Guide: How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Android on Windows and Mac

Step 1. Install and run MobileTrans 

Download, install and run MobileTrans (by double clicking on the icon saved on your PC desktop). You will see the following main screen.

Access the "Phone to Phone Transfer" section

NB: To successfully transfer data from iPhone to Android, make sure you have iTunes installed on your computer

Step 2.  Connetti iPhone e Android al PC

Connect the two smartphones to the PC using USB cables. After connecting, MobileTrans will detect them immediately. In the case of the Android device, in order for it to be detected, you will need to activate the usb debug mode (click here to find out how)

The “Flip” button at the top allows you to reverse the position of the two phones. The phone on the left will be the source phone, the one on the right will be the "destination" phone.

Step 3. Start data transfer

Now you just have to select the data to transfer (photos, music, videos, contacts e SMS) and click on the "START COPY”To start copying and transferring the data.

During the transfer make sure that the two phones always remain connected to the PC.

That's all, as you can see in just one click you can bring all the data since iPhone a Android (contacts, photos, messages, music, videos, etc ...), saving a lot of precious time and avoiding losing important data due to some manual error. If you want to transfer Whatsapp chats too, read how to transfer Whatsapp data from iPhone to Android

Video Tutorial: How to Transfer Contacts, Photos, Videos, SMS, Music from iPhone to Android


by purchasing the license it is possible to make the data transfer quiet by using multiple devices, that is, if I have 10 iOS smatrphons, can I use the same license with all 10?
Can it only be installed on a PC?

  • No, with the standard license you can transfer data between up to 5 different devices.
    There is the business version which has no transferable data limits but its license costs a lot more.

  • Once data is transferred from an iphone to a samsung, will the data be on both devices?

    • Si

    • but if I use the "trial" version does it work anyway or does it have limitations?

      • The trial version allows you to transfer only a few data .. it only serves to understand the compatibility of the devices and the operation of the software

  • it is necessary to purchase the program to perform the transfer

    • Si

  • Hi, But it works well with Asus Zenfone 3max zc520tl ?????
    He doesn't recognize it to me .........

    • Yes .. make sure that USB debugging is enabled on it and that when connected to the computer via USB it is detected correctly

  • Should the SIM be left in the iPhone during the transfer?

    • Yes .. but even without a sim, the transfer is successful (the data are all stored in the memory of the iphone)

  • if the iphone is broken and therefore does not turn on how can I do?

    • Unfortunately nothing can be done in this case (unless you have previously synced iPhone to computer via iTunes and then have a backup on computer).

  • can I also transfer the apps?

    • No, the apps are not copied

  • once the contacts have been transferred from iphone to galaxi do they still remain on the iphone?

    • yes, they also stay on iphone

  • Hello, and if when I get the galaxi s5 I have already sold iphone 5, can they be saved first on the pc and then put them later on the samsung?

    • Yes, with MobileTrans you can create a backup of your iPhone that you can transfer to your galaxy s5 at any time.

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