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For those who are about to buy second-hand vehicles, there are many dethecated apps and websites, which allow you to check many of them with one click. essential information to avoid nasty surprises.

Through the methods we are about to describe to you, you can check a lot of useful information:

  • paid car tax;
  • RCA coverage and its expiry;
  • when the last revision was performed;
  • verification of the correspondence between license plate and vehicle.

Here are the best solutions for every need:

One app to find out everything: Vehicle Scanner

With a single app available for Android and iOS (therefore for iPhone and iPad), it's easy to find out all the information listed above by simply entering your vehicle's license plate or VIN number.

The app will consult for you all the sites where this information is present and will provide you with a complete account of the situation.

Using the app to thescover the data of a car is really simple, all you have to do is:

  • install the app Vehicle scanner, by downloatheng it for free from Play Store o App Store;
  • launch the app and tick at the top of the interface with the information of interest to us (choose between: RCA, Revision, Stamp, Complaints and Visura ACI);
  • enter the license plate or chassis number of the vehicle to be checked and press the "Search" button;
  • to complete the retrieval of information, the app will ask you to enter some captcha codes, just write the number or characters that appear in the image and press "OK";
  • at this point we will have a summary report of the results, which shows us immediately if the vehicle is insured, inspected, if it is up to date with the payment of the road tax and with the complaints;
  • if we want more information just click on "Details".

If, on the other hand, you do not want to install applications that act as free vehicle scanners, the solution is to use the inthevidual sites, listed below, to find the information of your interest.

Check the stamps paid through the revenue agency website

The car tax is a real tax on the possession of a vehicle and as such it can be checked by going to the Revenue Agency website (for 5 regions Friuli Venezia Giulia, Sarthenia, Marche, Sicily and Valle D'Aosta). It only takes a few clicks to find out if a vehicle is okay with payments. This is particularly useful, before buying a used vehicle, so as not to risk bad surprises.

Checking is very simple, just:

  • go to this page of the Revenue Agency;
  • enter your data in the order region, category, license plate and year;
  • then enter the letters and numbers of the captcha in the space provided and click on "Calculate".

Check the RCA coverage

RCA (car liability) insurance is mandatory for all vehicles. To check if your vehicle is ok or that another vehicle (with which we have had an accident for example) is in order, just a few steps are enough:

  • go to the appropriate page of the motorist's portal;
  • choose the type of vehicle, enter the license plate, enter the characters or numbers of the captcha;
  • finally press the "Search" button.

At this point you will be able to see the details of the policy and its expiry data.

See when the last revision was performed

Inspection is also mandatory and important for a vehicle in circulation that has a few years on its shoulders. If you do not remember when the revision of your vehicle expires, or if you want to check a vehicle before purchase, you can always use the Motorist's Portal we talked about in the previous paragraph, on the page dethecated to the revision. Once you reach the page, the procedure will be absolutely similar to the one written above, entering the data for the search.

Check the correspondence between the license plate and the vehicle

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises (scams), when buying used cars or motorcycles it is good to check that the number plate corresponds with the data recorded in the vehicle registration document. Doing so is really simple, as well as through the app we talked about in the first paragraph, making the check is simple, through the service offered by Sevim. The site offers both a basic free service and a more complete paid one.

The paid service offers both owner and revision history.

To get a basic report just go to this page, enter the license plate and click on the "Verify" button

Vehicle scanner: license plate check, insurance, overhaul

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