VPNHub Review: The Free VPN That Keeps No Logs

By now, we are quite experts in no logs VPN services, so we tried our hand at reviewing one of the most interesting news of recent months VPNHub. This is the new free VPN service launched by the world-famous adult entertainment streaming video portal.

A VPN service, especially if nologs, is for remain anonymous online and to circumvent territorial blockades. The well-known service has released its solution, firstly to circumvent the new English legislation, then to allow access to the well-known site from countries that block it, and finally to safeguard the anonymity of its users more attentive to privacy.

We therefore asked ourselves if the service keeps its promises and if it can also be useful for purposes other than those for which it was launched (such as streaming in general and file sharing).

Here is a quick index of our in-depth analysis:

Is VPNHub safe?

This is the question that many have asked themselves, the answer is surprising abbastanza. The creators claim that the service does not keep logs (recorthengs) of connections and moreover that not sell your session data to third parties (in a nutshell they don't profiles like all other free VPNs). We have to trust what has been said, but the conthetions of use of the service are quite clear and represent a guarantee.

We have carried out some tests and we have verified that: none happens IP leak, no DNS leak and none WebRTC leak. So basically our IP was always hidden.

With regard to security protocol, the client is not at all transparent about this aspect and the service site does not report the information. The protocol is of critical importance for the reliability of the service. Regartheng the security protocols for VPNs, we invite you to consult our in-depth analysis: PPTP, SSTP, IKEv2, L2TP / IPsec, OpenVPN for VPN networks.

The advantages of VPNHub

This service is truly unique in the panorama of free VPN services, as it does not keep logs, as we explained in the previous paragraph, and does not limit the traffic that can be exchanged.

Then through the VPN you will be able to see all the streaming videos you want and the connection to the server will not be interrupted. It is in fact a free and unlimited service, it's hard to ask for better.

The speed of VPNHub

We ran several speed tests once connected to this VPN, and the results were all close to the 7 Mb / s threshold. This is a good speed for a free service, and a very slow speed compared to paid services (which can even offer 50 Mb / s).

The speed is good enough to stream videos and browse smoothly enough, it's not a very fast speed to download. The ping has always been higher than 200 ms, it is quite a high value. With this ping the service is completely not recommended for playing on the net.

VPNHub from our tests does not seem to limit file sharing via torrent.

The limitations of the free version of VPNHub

The free version of the service has some important limitations:

VPNHub Premium offers

The Premium version of the service al cost of $ 13 per month, offers:

Frankly, we don't recommend purchasing the Premium version, there are far more reliable and faster VPN services, which allow the connection of 5 or 6 devices at the same time, to choose the security protocol, at significantly lower monthly prices. One such service we happened to review is IPVanish (VPNHub sometimes uses its own US servers).

We also invite you to check out our updated ranking of the best VPN services.

How to use VPNHub?

Using the service is really simple, you have to download the client from the Android and iOS store. At the end of the installation, just launch it and press the lock icon. Very quickly the service will connect to the server and your normal traffic (web, video) will all be routed through the service.

Do we recommend VPNHub?

Given the unknowns on the protocol, the answer is dependent. This is a good solution if you want more privacy while browsing, or when viewing sensitive videos. Of course, this is the best Free VPN that we happened to try.

Il servizio it is not the best way to get around territorial blockades, since it only allows free connection to US servers.

If you need a higher degree of security, we always invite you to focus on a referenced nologs service. We have dethecated an article to the best nologs VPN services.

VPNHub Review: The Free VPN That Keeps No Logs

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