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    What is the best browser to use on Windows 8?

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    Page 1: What is the best browser to use on Windows 8?

    Before delving into the benchmarks, as always, let's take a look at the recent events that have affected the browser sector.

    Recent news and events:

    02/09/12: Google Chrome is four years old.
    06/09/12: Only 30% of Firefox users have hardware that can handle content acceleration.
    13/09/12: Mozilla announces that it will introduce the new IonMonkey JavaScript engine with Firefox 18
    14/09/12: Google removes IE8 support in Google Apps.
    15/09/12: Google says it wants to integrate Do Not Track support to Chrome by the end of the year.
    20/09/12: Microsoft tells Safari users to switch to Bing after Google is found guilty of violating their privacy.
    09/10/12: Mozilla releases Firefox 16
    10/11/12: Mozilla removes Firefox 16 from the web due to a security issue, advising users to temporarily downgrade.
    10/26/12: Microsoft introduces Windows 8 with Internet Explorer 10.
    10/27/12: Yahoo wants to ignore IE10's Do Not Track requests and says it shouldn't be turned on by default.
    10/30/12: Mozilla sends a cake to Microsoft's IE team to congratulate the debut of IE10
    10/31/12: Mozilla claims missing choice screen on Windows 7 SP1 cost it 6 to 9 million Firefox downloads
    11/06/12: Microsoft claims IE10 is the fastest web browser, citing tests from New Relic, Strangeloop Networks and our RoboHornet Pro test.
    11/10/12: Mozilla claims Firefox 18 will reduce startup time by 25%.
    11/12/12: Google claims Chrome is 26% faster than last year, according to its Octane benchmark.

    These have been months full of news and events, but Windows 8 has undoubtedly represented the greatest element of novelty. In the previous weeks we have published several articles on the new operating system from Microsoft:

    Windows 8 versus Windows 7: gaming performance
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    Windows 8: Performance on Intel Core i7-3770K Ivy Bridge platform
    Using Windows 8, 15 tips for beginners

    Now let's see how Windows 8 affects the web browsing experience.

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    What is the best browser to use on Windows 8?

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