What to expect from The Sims 5, between rumors and hopes

The series of The Sims, the life simulator par excellence, has just turned 21 years old. With The Sims 4, the last chapter, Electronic Arts e Maxis they achieved remarkable results that led to the birth of ben 37 expansions and millions of active players around the world. Despite the successes and after well 7 years from The Sims 4, the community is “already” looking to the future by imagining all the new to The Sims 5.

A fifth chapter has not yet even been considered by EA Games but this has not stopped the imagination of fans of the series who have begun to put on the table valid ideas on what to expect from the next The Sims. Let's find out what came out

Open World, cars and high hopes for The Sims 5

What to expect from The Sims 5, between rumors and hopesThe successes of The Sims 4 should not deceive you, however, the arrival of this chapter, in fact, was not the easiest. Lot of simmers (as the players are called) were extremely disappointed to discover that the "new" chapter had given up on the mechanics ofOpen World appeared in The Sims 3. Although time has healed this wound, the dream of a return to that engaging open world is always alive in the hearts of fans.

For this, un The Sims 5 con Open World is one of the main requests of the players and with him, to review the machines within the game. An open world without any kind of loading between one batch and another, inevitably recalls the use of means of transport that in The Sims 4, beyond the bicycles introduced with Vita Universitaria, are totally absent.

Yet cars have never, in 7 years of life, been in the plans of the developers of The Sims 4. What a flamboyant sports car awaits us in The Sims 5?

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Is The Sims Back Online?

What to expect from The Sims 5, between rumors and hopesWhat a video game like The Sims have one online function it seems like a natural evolution for a game where interacting with other Sims occupies an important part. This mechanic would also be perfectly synchronized with the increasingly connected and increasingly social contemporary world. Also, to fuel the rumors of seeing The Sims 5 online, he thought about it anyway  Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts who revealed in an interview that the franchise will increasingly rely on "social interactions and competitions". We do not know if this phrase referred to in-game elements or to the future of the series, but that was enough for fans to dream.

It is undeniable that an online The Sims can actually bring added value to the franchise. Imagine visiting a friend on the net and admiring his creations in The Sims no longer from a sterile and banal catalog as happens in The Sims 4 but entering his world with your character. Exploring houses, chatting with your sims network online, and even wooing over the air will no longer be a dream.

The younger of you may not remember it, but an "experiment" of this kind has already taken place! In 2002, in fact, EA Games launched on the market The Sims online, known as EA-Land, which allowed you to do everything we just talked about. Unfortunately the project did not take off and The Sims online servers were shut down in 2008. Another attempt of a different kind was made with The Sims Social, a spin-off of the series published on Facebook that allowed you to play a much simpler version of the game with your friends from the social network. Again, after only 2 years of life, the game was closed in 2013.

Doesn't the fate of sims lie online?

The Sims subscription expansions

What to expect from The Sims 5, between rumors and hopesIf you are reading this article you are probably already aware of the large and exorbitant amount of expansions and DLCs that featured The Sims since its debut. One of the strengths of the game is in fact that of renew itself continuously by launching new (mostly paid) content on the market, allowing the life cycle of the game to get longer and longer.

Although for many players the expansions represent a huge added value, for many others all the DLC released translates into huge money expenses. Not by chance, to acquire all the extra content of The Sims 4 (at full price) you will need around 600 €. For this reason, one of the hottest rumors concerns the introduction of a monthly subscription for upcoming The Sims 5 expansions. A subscription would allow users to have all the extra content of the game available in an instant. A sort of Season Pass used for other games but under subscription.

This is certainly a hypothesis to be taken into consideration for all those users who do not want to shell out a lot of money and who above all do not play The Sims on a regular basis.

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The Sims 5 release isn't that close

These ideas and these rumors certainly represent interesting ideas for a hypothetical The Sims 5 but let's go in order. As we anticipated at the beginning of this article, The Sims 5 release is not near (we didn't want to deceive you).

The Sims 4 still has a lot to tell. The latest Game Pack, Paranormal Phenomena, was only released in January and it seems that 2021 will hold more surprises and extra content for this chapter. This shouldn't sadden you though because The Sims 4, despite its venerable age, may still have a few tricks up its sleeve to get players back to pressing the Create A Sim button once again.

What new mechanics would you like to see in The Sims 5?

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