WiFi connection problems: what to do if your smartphone no longer connects

WiFi connection problems: what to do if your smartphone no longer connects

WiFi connection issues are extremely frustrating, as can any internet access concern. This often happens at the worst of times, when you need to log in urgently. In this article, we will see the possible causes and especially how to solve your WiFi connection problem on Android smartphone.

Connecting to Wi-Fi is always best when you have access to a network. The connection is generally faster, more stable and without limits. No need to switch to package mode especially if you do a lot of downloads. Only the WiFi connection problems are not uncommon, whether on PC or smartphone.

You are trying to connect to a WiFi network without success. Either the device does not even connect or the network connection is established, but nothing happens. Does your smartphone have a problem? Does the problem come from the access point, here are 5 avenues to explore to try to reestablish the WiFi connection.

Try several reconnections to WiFi

This is the most obvious step when you have problems connecting to a WiFi network. Disable and re-enable WiFi solves the problem in the vast majority of cases, but not necessarily on the first try. So be sure to repeat it a few times before exploring other trails.

Use the forget network function

Network forgetting is an option available in Android's WiFi settings. It allows you to reset the configurations of the current WiFi network. You will have to scan again, reconnect by entering the password since all network information stored in memory is erased. To forget a network:

  • Long press on the WiFi icon in the notification bar
  • In the list of available networks, make a long press on the name of the problematic WiFi
  • In the small window that appears, press Forget

Reconnect again by entering the WiFi connection data.

Restart the router and the smartphone

It is possible that the router is the source of your WiFi connection problem. This happens very often and it's quite easy to fix by restarting the modem or better, unplugging it for at least 30 seconds before plugging it back in. Wait about a minute for the modem to fully boot and try to reconnect. If the problem persists, try restarting your smartphone instead.

Does the access point use a proxy?

Are you trying to connect to the WiFi network of a school, university or company? Most of the time, organizations use a Proxy to secure their network and filter connections. It is not enough to have the password. Before connecting to it, you must make sure that you have correctly configured the proxy on your smartphone. Follow the link to find out how.

Your Mac address may have been filtered

You have tried several solutions without solving your WiFi connection problem. If all avenues have been explored in vain, it's a safe bet that your Mac address has been blocked on the router. If you are using a neighbor's, friend's, or family's WiFi, the modem administrator may have removed your Mac address from those allowed.

The reasons for such an act can be multiple: perhaps you are accused of monopolizing bandwidth or they are trying to prevent you - temporarily - from going on the Internet. If so, there is nothing you can do except chat with the administrator of the box.

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