5 tips to charge your smartphone faster

5 tips to charge your smartphone faster

Recharging your smartphone has become a daily gesture, not out of desire, but out of necessity. The day when our smartphones will last a full week has not yet arrived, until then we will have to do with it. Here we give you some simple tips to shorten as much as possible this moment when your precious is trapped in a cable. Here's how to charge your phone faster.

The right charger in the right place

We can only recommend that you use the charger supplied by default with your mobile, it is a question of reliability and even of safety if you want to avoid ending up in the news for an exploding battery. In addition, if you have a recent smartphone that has a "Quick Charge 3.0" charger (Qualcomm's fast charging solution), you can very quickly regain 80% of your battery in about 35 minutes. This is for example the case on the LG G5 which we told you everything recently.

By “in the right place” I mean on the wall, if you charge your phone through your PC's USB port, you might be waiting a lot, much longer.

Turn off what you don't use

If you don't use WiFi, 3G / 4G, GPS, NFC, etc. Disable them, this can only speed up the reloading of your mobile. You can also turn off vibration mode, which consumes power, and close all running applications that are running in the background. It is also not the right time to use your mobile as a portable speaker.

The airplane mode, classic, but effective

Switching your smartphone to airplane mode is the best way to deactivate all of the latter's network features, and thus prevent it from consuming power, which also means faster charging. Whether you go through the power button or directly through the settings, there are several ways to activate this mode which also serves not to disturb others on the plane or train, even if it is no longer. obligatory. It remains the radical solution if you are in a hurry.

Do not touch it while charging

One thing that should not be forgotten, the screen remains the biggest source of consumption of a phone. Not using it while charging means keeping your screen off and consuming very little power (even more so if you have followed the previous steps).

Note also that what consumes the most battery is waking a smartphone from standby, letting it turn off and then bringing it out of standby. So take it upon yourself, take a deep breath, and leave it alone.

Radical solution: turn it off!

This is still the fastest way to recharge it. Once turned off, it will not consume anything and can recharge quickly. The solution is a little extreme for the addicts that we are, it implies not being able to use it for almost two hours, a real torture for some, but it is only to find it fully loaded, so courage!

We hope that these little tips will help you recharge your smartphone faster, and while waiting for you to fully charge it, we invite you to read our file to know everything about batteries, to read on your computer of course.

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