7 video games dedicated to space exploration

7 video games dedicated to space exploration

In all cultures and in all eras, the sky, space, stars, sun and moon have aroused great curiosity and interest in mankind. It is therefore not surprising that even in the world of video games, the theme of space and space exploration has been the center of attention from the very beginning. How not to mention Space Invaders, Metroid and many other titles that have made the history of video games.

La virtual space race it continues to survive even today, enhanced by increasingly advanced technology and increasingly far-sighted creative visions. And we, as good gamers, can not help but be delighted. So here is our personal list of 7 video games on space exploration.

No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky is probably the game most of you have thought of when reading the title of this article. The farsighted title of Hello Games caused a lot of discussion after the launch in 2016. The game did not respect all the features announced by the producers in the previous months, becoming a real unprecedented media case. After three years, however, the software house tried to remedy its mistakes with great success by releasing three big free updates which introduced the promised features.

No Man's Sky is built using a technique known as "procedural generation". It is essentially an algorithm that generates the planets, the creatures that live there, the spaceships and so on, automatically as the player explores the various planets. This brilliant system makes the universe of No Man's Sky truly immense and counts more than 18 quintillions of possible planets to visit. Sean Murray, the game's author stated that “If a new planet in 'No Man's Sky' were discovered every second, it would take 584 billion years for all to be discovered."

The result is a video game strongly focused on the exploration of the universe with many elements to analyze and a main plot to discover. All using hundreds of gadgets and weapons and thousands of spaceships to upgrade and customize. Traveling in No Man's Sky is a surprising experience that makes us realize the beauty and immensity of the universe in which we live.

Elite Dangerous

With smaller dimensions but no less interesting, Elite Dangerous has slowly become one of the leading space exploration video games. This chapter is set in the Milky Way placing itself between a thousand and more years of the future, when the human race will have begun to colonize thousands of star systems of the galaxy. In this era of great spatial fervor, however, political misunderstandings will also have arisen which will have led to the birth of three factions at war with each other: the Empire, the Federation and the Alliance.

In this scenario, we have the opportunity to explore the entire galaxy, build our reputation in society, earn credits, complete missions and much more. The possibilities are endless, from trade, to smuggling, from exploring uninhabited areas to collecting minerals and so on. Lots of possible professions and actions that will affect the galaxy you are in and other factions. Numerous free patches and expansions have been released over the years that have enriched the already vibrant Elite Dangerous universe.

Osiris New Dawn

Osiris: New Dawn it's a science fiction survival currently under Early Access which, despite this, deserves a place in this article. The game is in fact set in 2078 at the beginning of interstellar journeys undertaken by humanity. Our character was sent to the Gliese 581 planetary system by the Earth United Nations to study the planet and verify its habitability. Human technology, however, is still inaccurate and our protagonist ends up crashing onto a hostile desert planet with the bare minimum to survive.

In this game we should in fact build our base and survive the threats of the various planets including, of course, even alien creatures. You will be able to choose the character class and play both in singleplayer and online in multiplayer to overcome together the dangers and adverse climatic conditions of an unknown planet. At the same time it will have to build its own base with modular units to grow food and build housing and laboratories.

The exploration possibilities are reduced compared to previous titles but still offers a living planet full of areas to explore, including the interior of the planet. All to discover the mystery surrounding the first Osiris I colonization mission.

Space Engineers

Space Engineers it is positioned on a relatively different plane than the stocks we have analyzed so far. It is in fact a sandbox set in space and on explorable planets, a sort of space Minecraft (to help us frame it). In Space Engineers we will have the control of a space engineer through which we can create space bases and spaceships with which to explore the universe. After collecting various resources from planets and asteroids, it will be possible to fully customize the spaceships or vehicles on the ground to help us explore them. Initially our protagonist has the basic tools to start construction and repair structures, such as a soldering iron or a drill. Thanks to these tools we can start creating our bases using voxels.

The wealth of Space Engineers is given, in addition to the great freedom of action and creativity, from the variety from the game. In addition to the classic game, there are also two modes, the survival mode, more challenging and thrilling, and that creative where you can fully dedicate yourself to the creation of structures and spaceships without worrying about resources.

Eve Online

If we talk about video games on space exploration, we cannot fail to mention Eve Online! Despite the past years (well 16), this title is still one of Space simulation MMORPG hottest boasting tens of thousands of online users every day. At the beginning of the game, after creating our captain, we will have control of a spaceship through which we will be able to shape our future within the universe of Eve more alive than ever. In fact, there are corporations, alliances, factions and a stable economic system.

We will have the opportunity to undertake numerous careers as a miner, ship builder, pirate, bounty hunter, trader, researcher and many more. It will be possible to ally with the corporations of NPCs or join with other players and engage in diplomacy and possibly, a glorious space battles against thousands of players. In fact, in Eve online there is the possibility of conquering entire systems and creating empires managed by the players themselves. A constantly evolving universe shaped by the players themselves.

Over the years, tons of extra content and totally free expansions have been released that have perfected the game, added new elements and improved the graphics. To play you need to download the game client available in trial for 14 days for free, after which you can extend the subscription with € 19,00, in the first month, and for about € 14 for the following months.

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Astroneer is set in the XNUMXth century during which the intergalactic journeys that led the Astroneers, pioneers of the stars, to explore the extreme frontiers of space began. In this game it will be possible to collaborate with other players to build custom bases on the surface of planets or even underground, create vehicles to explore a vast solar system. The latter includes seven different fully explorable planets, from the surface to the subsoil and even in the mysterious core. Each has unique characteristics as well as threats and challenges to overcome.

Astroneer presents a very particular style, both graphic and gameplay. Thanks to the Deform tool, it is in fact possible to modify the terrain to build (or destroy) anything you want and shape the planet itself. The built objects and structures can also be hooked together to create real planetary bases suitable for any situation. Once "rooted" on a planet, astroneers will be able to set out on their mission to discover all the secrets of the solar system.


Stellaris offers us a different kind of exploration than the titles we have listed so far but without giving up the thrill of discovering, little by little, the universe that surrounds us. The game indeed makes use of a strong strategic component with which it will be necessary to create a galactic empire and explore space to colonize new planets. All by analyzing and bringing to light the treasures that the galaxy hides from us. Stellaris also makes use of the procedural generation, thanks to which we will come across alien races that are always different from each other.

During the game and as our empire grows, It will be necessary to make difficult choices, select new ideologies, restrictions, evolutions and much more. All without obviously neglecting diplomacy, which is also fundamental in interstellar travel. Will you try to keep the peace or enjoy the thrilling space battles?

These video games on space exploration do nothing but reinvigorate in us, who are and remain dreamers / travelers, the desire to explore the cosmos towards new horizons, but above all to build "our" personal universe!

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