ABenergie presents DiCE: the device for knowing and controlling electricity consumption

ABenergie officially presented DiCE, the first device capable of making electrical energy "visible" and easily controllable. A completely new IoT system!

ABenergie provides green energy

ABenergie is a company born in Bergamo in 2006, which deals with supplying energy throughout the national territory. However, its sources are all green. The company's goal is to offer electricity from renewable sources and natural gas, raising awareness of energy waste and the dire consequences.

Among the projects under construction by the company there is also the creation of a line of IoT devices able to improve the management of energy sources in homes and small businesses. DiCE is the name that will include all the products that ABenergie will develop. Not only that, DiCE is also the name of the first of these devices, which will be on the market from March 2018.

DiCE: what it is and how it works the device capable of making electrical energy visible

DiCE is a system composed of four components, which has as its main purpose the reduction of energy waste. It is not the first IoT device born with this vocation, but certainly the ABenergie device has all the tools to become the simplest to use. The product kit is composed as follows:

  • DiReader: it is the first component to be installed; it is a reader to be installed on your meter, in correspondence with the red light emitted by all the electric current meters;
  • DiGateway: DiReader's task is to detect the pulses of the small red light and transmit them to DiGateway. The latter, in turn, will send the signals to DiCE and to the application for Android and iOS (thanks to the GSM module inside it);
  • DiCE: definitely, it's the coolest part of the kit. Apparently it seems to have in front of an interesting design lamp capable of creating any type of atmosphere. In fact, the device is able to reproduce all the colors of the visible spectrum and with different intensity. His job is to change color according to our consumption energy, in real time. Excess consumption, for example, will cause DiCE to turn red. On the contrary, it will be blue. 
  • Application for iOS and Android: the presence of an application, which has multiple functions, is inevitable. First of all, it allows the user to set his energy profile with the parameters necessary to make DiCE work at its best. In addition, the app is able to learn energy consumption habits day after day, offering personalized advice to improve them.

How do you install the system?

The installation is so simple that it can be carried out in total autonomy, directly by the customer. It is not necessary to rely on specialized technicians. Just place DiReader on the meter and DiGatway in a place that allows it to be connected to electricity.

As for DiCE, you decide where you would like to place it. The ideal would be in the room where we spend most of our time when we are at home. Alternatively, if the house is very large, you can add more lamps to the same kit.

The application will give you information on consumption even when you are out. In fact, although there is no Wifi connection of any kind, the GSM module inside DiGateway is able to constantly transmit information to the smartphone.

Why does DiCE have this particular shape?

ABenergie he wanted to create an object that was beautiful, as well as useful, and that invites contact. A nice device to display at home or in the office. Hence the idea of ​​asking the architect and designer for help Marco Acerbis. From his genius was born a device with particularly attractive aesthetic lines and practically suitable for any type of furniture. Its particular shape, beautiful and innovative, has allowed it to be selected for theADI Design Index 2017.

DiCE it does not only have the function of controlling electricity consumption. Its touch-sensitive and gesture-responsive surface has allowed you to add some more functions like a small game to entertain young and old. Not only that, there is also the possibility to set a certain color (also choosing the intensity) to create the atmosphere we like best. Don't worry though, in case of energy peaks DiCE will immediately turn red and remind us! Finally, if there was a sudden disconnection of the electric current, the smart lamp would immediately become one emergency light thanks to the internal battery with which it is equipped.

Availability for the sale of the KIT

DiCE will be officially available for sale starting from March 2018 at the price of 299€. You can buy it for the free market, so you can use it with any electricity supplier.

However, customers of ABenergie they will have advantages such as the installment purchase of the IoT system with charge on the bill. Not only that, the application will also be able to provide details on the consumption of the month in terms of costs and forecasts until the end of the current month.

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