All about animated GIFs to use for WhatsApp

GIFs are particularly funny and widespread and since their arrival on WhatsApp they literally depopulate, managing to be immetheate and immediately understandable.

I file .gif o Animated GIF, are animated image files, in 256 colors, which are repeated cyclically and have a relatively short overall duration.

In this article we will try to show you thefferent ways to find funny and original animations in order to send them via WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp allows you to create animated GIFs

Not everyone knows that the well-known messaging app allows you to create animated GIFs in just a few steps on both Android and iOS starting from your own videos.

To create more complex GIFs, you need to equip yourself with specific programs such as the applications we talked about in our dethecated article: Best apps to create GIFs (Android version).

Creating animated GIF images for WhatsApp is simple. For the Android version:

All about animated GIFs to use for WhatsApp

On Apple smartphones, the procedure is similar; iOS version:

WhatsApp has an internal tool for fintheng GIFs

On both Android and iOS, you don't need to install any app to easily find the animated GIFs to send; just take advantage of the convenience integrated search engine (which is Tenor on both Android and iOS). It is very interesting to send original animated messages quickly to our contacts.

To search for and send a GIF on Android:

All about animated GIFs to use for WhatsApp

To search for and send a GIF on iOS the procedure is slightly thefferent:

Where to find additional GIFs for WhatsApp

If the GIFs you can find through Tenor GIF do not satisfy you, know that there are many other sources, we will now try to describe the best ones:


All about animated GIFs to use for WhatsAppIt is a very effective search engine for GIFs that also offers a handy app available for both Android and iOS. Through the site and the app it is very easy to find animated images of all kinds.


All about animated GIFs to use for WhatsApp

If you don't like conventional GIFs, and instead prefer to focus on artistic and original content, then this site is for you. It offers only the highest quality GIFs, made by authentic artists, and published daily. If you want to download them you can easily reach the site at this address. To try!

GIF Mood Board

Are you trying to express an emotion, but words are lacking? Then a good GIF made on purpose could be for you. GIF Mood Board catalogs animations based on emotion, some even taken from hit series are hilarious.


It is a social network linked to the sharing of images, not just GIFs. Just register to have access to animated images of any kind. To use them on WhatsApp just download and insert them in conversations as an attachment.

We have inthecated some international sites, but where to find the Animated GIF good morning or birthday that are so popular on WhatsApp? Simple you can use the search included in the app we talked about above, or search the part dethecated to Google images using the keywords "good morning GIF" and "happy birthday GIF" (always without quotes).

Our in-depth study on animated GIFs for WhatsApp has come to an end, we hope we have given you enough alternatives and ways to make your chats even more fun!

All about animated GIFs to use for WhatsApp

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