All the news on Age of Empires 4 from the latest gameplay video

The Fan Preview of Age of Empires, a live online that showed gamers all the news on the famous series of strategy games in real time and on Age of Empires 4. Let's find out all the news announced as well as the Age of Empires 4 release date.

The news on the Age of Empires franchise

The live broadcast, which you can see entirely above, was organized by Relic Entertainment, software house that is working on the new chapter of Age of Empires IV. The team has assured that it is certainly the most ambitious title ever made by the company. A constant support from historians and professionals in the sector, will ensure greater historical accuracy of the civilizations and troops present while a artistic team will ensure that the sets and landscapes that we will see are close to the historical period covered.

New Age of Empires IV Gameplay video

During the live a new one was shown long gameplay video of Age of Empires IV with scenes taken directly from the game. The video, which you can see above, shows all the four ages of each game that follow those of the second chapter of the series: Early Middle Ages, Feudal Age, Age of Castles ed Imperial Age. In the Gameplay videos we will be able to observe the units and buildings of four civilizations: the English, the Mongols, the Chinese e the sultanate of Delhi.

In the video they are shown new gameplay mechanics never seen before in the history of the franchise. THE Mongoli, for example, given the nature nomade of civilization, they will have the possibility of "disassembling" any building to move around with them on the map in search of new resources. It is also possible organize ambushes hiding in the wooded areas that, for the first time, prevent the vision of the enemies.

In the age of the Castles and in the Imperial age, we can observe the development of the troops and structures that reflect the majesty of the periods just mentioned. We can also see that the city walls, once strengthened, can accommodate for the first time archers and troops directly on the walls which can be the scene of interesting battles.

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The release date of Age of Empires 4

All the news on Age of Empires 4 from the latest gameplay video

At the end of the live, the Age of Empires 4 release date. Although we don't have the exact day yet, we know chand Age of Empires 4 will be released in the fall of 2021. The game will be available on the same day worldwide and will be released on the Windows store, on Steam and also on the Xbox Game Pass.

Also new for the Definitive Editions of Age of Empires II and Age of Empires III

Interesting news also coming for the Definitive Collection di Age of Empires which includes the three chapters of the series in their final editions.

One is coming new expansion for Age of Empires II entitled "Dawn of The Dukes"Which interests the civilization of Eastern Europe. New civilizations, new campaigns and much more will be introduced. A new update will also introduce for the first time Historical Battles to play in co-op together with another player. Further information on this will be released in the coming days.

Age of Empires III will also receive major updates with a new civilization: the United States. This civilization will introduce a new explorer, 9 never-before-seen units and new mechanics. Civilization will be available for free to all players who fulfill a particular challenge online, otherwise it can be purchased separately on Steam. Last but not least, the African civilizations. Again, further information will be given shortly.

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