Amazon Prime Student: what it is and how it works

Amazon Prime Student is the offer of the online sales giant dedicated to the suns students. Let's find out what the advantages by Prime Student e how to sign up to the subscription program. For more details keep reading our guide. Let's begin!

Amazon Prime Student: the benefits of being a student

This period is certainly one of the most particular in recent years. For reasons that you will surely know, the entire Italian population is confined to their homes. This, for the youngest, translates into one digital frequency of university and high school lessons. At Tech Princess, we have decided to collect all the promotions dedicated to young people attending an educational institution. Among the many we have selected the most convenient offer that will help you between one video lesson and another.

Amazon, giant of online sales and beyond, offers a service called Premium. If you are addicted to online shopping, you surely know what we are talking about, otherwise keep reading our guide. In addition, Prime also offers a promotion dedicated to students bearing the name of Amazon Prime Student: this offers the same services as the full subscription but with convenient advantages. Let's find out together the benefits and services offered by the Amazon promotion. 

Amazon Prime: what is it? 

Amazon Prime is a simple subscription which allows you to receive many advantages during your online purchases, but not only! By spending all days at home, many of us have replaced the pleasure of shopping with unstoppable online shopping. If this can make your credit card cry a little, Amazon can give you a little help avoid paying some shipping fees. Indeed Prime allows, through a annual payment, of avoid payment of the shipping charges in Amazon Prime products. This way, you will be entitled to one shipment, even daily, free. But the benefits certainly don't end there.

As anticipated, Prime also allows access to other services. Did anyone say Prime Video? Exactly. By subscribing, you can also use other applications that Amazon offers. You can listen to music through the app Amazon Music, watch your TV series with Prime Video and have unlimited storage space on Amazon Photos. A dream, right? No, it is Amazon Prime.

If you also have a device at home that integrates the Alexa voice assistant, the subscription will also allow you to take advantage of 100% of your nice digital friend since Alexa does not fully interface with other Amazon audio-video streaming services.

Last but not least, Prime also allows you to access "Lightning offers”On your Amazon HomePage. The final price for this service package is 36 euro a year. Do you think that your basic subscription on Netflix, from 7 euros per month, costs you a good 95,88 € at the end of the year. A nice saving! If we have convinced you, wait until you activate your subscription because there is a surprise for the students.

Amazon Prime Student will make you love college 

If you already have your mouth watering for Prime, we want to surprise you even more. In fact, Amazon Prime offers a promotion to all students: here it is Amazon Prime Student. This integrates All the services which you can find in the full subscription but, the only change is the price. It passes by 36 euros annually to only € 18 per year for students who will make a Prime Student subscription.

If you have not yet activated your subscription, unlike the full price one, you will be entitled not to a trial month, but to a 90 days. After the 3-month trial has expired, you will be charged for 18 euros per year. 

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What does Amazon Prime Student offer less?

Nothing. If we exclude the price, Prime Student offers the same potential and the same services as the classic subscription. However, we remind you that once after your studies, Prime Student will no longer be active. You, however, will not have to worry about anything because Amazon will make the transition to the "full" version at the end of the 4 years provided. Obviously, you will notified of the change of the plan through an email.

Then, after graduation, or at the end of the fourth year of Prime Student membership, yours subscription will end e and will renew automatically on the expiration date in an Amazon Prime membership at the normal price of EUR 36 per year or EUR 3,99 per month.

How to sign up for Amazon Prime Student

Nothing could be simpler and more immediate. To sign up for your Prime Student subscription, just connect to this link and follow all the steps.

Once connected to the link that we have proposed, you will have to register normally and complete the form with the requested data:  university email address, expected graduation year, payment method and billing address. Submit the form and shortly after you will receive a verification link in your mail. You will have finished enrolling in the Amazon Student plan. 

Do you have any doubts? let's try to solve it:

  • If your university email address isn't listed in your account, don't worry. Se you don't have a university email address we may need to verify your student status manually as part of the registration process. In this case, you will be notified during the registration process.
  • If you don't receive the verification email, log in to this page and follow the steps to resend the confirmation email. 
  • Current Amazon Prime members who sign up for Prime Student will receive a reimbursement for the remaining months of the current Amazon Prime membership. To continue to have access to Amazon Prime benefits, you'll need to sign up for the Prime Student program for just EUR 18 per year (50% off the regular Amazon Prime price).

What does my Amazon Prime Student subscription supplement? 

Your subscription is now active, let's see together what services you are entitled to.

Unlimited fast deliveries

First, you will have all the services of Free Shipping on Prime-branded merchandise in the Amazon shop. When shopping on your account, you will surely have noticed the wording in some articles. This allows you to receive your item in a few days without having to pay shipping costs. A great deal!

You will then be able to take advantage of free shipping with delivery in 1 working day, on over 2 million products and in 2-3 days on many millions more. Most Italian postal codes are currently served by 1 Day shipping: check coverage during the purchase process.

Prime Video

If you have decided to cancel your Netflix subscription, Prime Video is the service streaming more suitable to replace it. This offers a huge amount catalog of films and TV series that you can view on your PC, on your smartphone, Smart TV, tablet and many other devices. You can access wherever and whenever you want from your computer or the Prime Video app, and download a selection of titles to your iPhone, iPad, Fire tablet or Android device.

Prime Music

With your Amazon Prime subscription you can listen to more than 2 million songs, and hundreds of ad-free playlists on Prime Music. You will also be able to download the various playlists to listen to the music even if you are offline.

Prime reading

With Prime Reading, you can access an endless selection of eBook updated regularly. You don't need a Kindle eReader to take advantage of Prime Reading benefits. With our free iOS and Android app, you can read on any device other than your Kindle or Fire Tablet. Just download the Kindle app on your device.

Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos is the latest service included and allows you to store all your video and image files in the Amazon Cloud. Perfect for file all yours photo to then access from any device. Amazon Photos is included with your Prime membership with space of unlimited storage. 

For more information on related services, click here.

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