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Set a PIN or a Password security to access your device is very important for your privacy. But it often happens to forget lock screen password of your device Android and you find yourself with a big problem to solve.

Unlike iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) where, if you forget the PIN, the only solution available is to reset the device to factory conditions, on Android there are several solutions. In fact, when a wrong login password is entered several times, a screen appears that allows you to recover password by sending it directly to your GMAIL email address that has been associated with the device. However, if you have not associated any email address to your Android phone / tablet and you do not remember the screen unlock password, you will need to proceed with thehard reset del dispositivo. We summarize below how to do this "hard reset". Remember that once you reset ALL the data on the device will be lost. If you have made a backup before you can still restore it immediately after the reset

First turn off the device. Then press the button volume "Up" and then the key power on and that home, so that all three buttons are pressed at the same time

After a few seconds, a screen like this will appear:

Using the volume key, move to the item "Wipe data/Factory reset” and click the power button to select that option. At this point the Hard Reset of the device will start.

How to recover data from Android device with Forgotten Screen Password

Dr.Fone via Android is the most powerful data recovery program (photos, videos, sms, contacts, documents, etc ..) able to access the device memory even if it is locked on the home screen and if you have forgotten the access password. Download dr.fone for Android on your Windows or Mac PC

After installing it you will see this main screen:

Connect your android mobile / tablet to computer via USB.

Click from the main screen on the function "UNLOCK SCREEN". Here is the screen that will appear to start the lock screen removal procedure:

Click on "START"And the first thing you will be asked is to put the device in" download mode ". You will simply have to follow the graphic indications that will appear on the program screen:

After putting the device in "download mode" click on "STARTS”And wait for the firmware download to finish. Once the download is complete, the Android device will restart and will no longer have the lock on the home screen!

If the above procedure doesn't work you could try to recover and extract the data from the device before doing the full reset. To do this, from the home screen of dr.fone for Android click on the "Extract damaged device data" function and you will see this new screen:

Click on the first image “Touch does not work or the system cannot be accessed“. At this point the program will ask you to select the exact model of your device and put the device in "download mode".

Follow the prompts to do this configuration. Once you have entered the "Download" mode, wait for the program to download the "recovery package".

At the end of the download, the scan will start looking for the files on the device. After this scan you will finally see all the recoverable data of your mobile / tablet.

Select the files to recover and save them on your computer

Once this recovery is done you can proceed with the hard reset of the device to permanently remove the unlock password of the mobile phone and reuse your device as if it were new.

How to avoid forgetting the unlock password in the future?

To avoid resetting your Android phone in the future after forgetting the lock screen PIN, here's what to do:

1. Associate your account GMAIL to the device (so that it can be used for forgotten password recovery)

2. Create a password of "BACKUP“, That is, if you have activated the PIN lock screen you can decide to add another type of protection (eg. SIGN) so that if you do not remember the PIN you will be asked to use the other unlock mode.



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