APKMirror: Download Android apps safely in apk format

Some will think that to have the Apps always updated on Android and not risk infections, it is necessary to use the Play Store. In reality this is not the case; luckily there is APKmirror where they are present in the form of apk file (the executables that can be installed on Android) most of the most downloaded apps available on the Play Store.

APKMirror is a simple, linear and secure site, which has established itself over the years as the first alternative source to the Play Store. It is often used to download versions of apps released but not yet arrived on our terminal.

In fact, app updates on the Play Store often occur in staged rollouts and therefore can be delayed by a few days as they are thestributed.

APKMirror is absolutely legal and safe

On APKMirror each loaded app is the same as on the Play Store and without any mothefication. No mod app has citizenship on this site. For this reason it is really safe, since the single loaded applications are viewed one by one by the AndroidPolice team.

Since each .apk file is original, like those on the Android store, once installed they can normally be updated in the future through the same Play Store.

APKMirror how does it work?

The site works absolutely simply and quickly. Just go to his page. On the Home page of the site you will find the latest updated apps and at the top right there is a search box.

APKMirror: Download Android apps safely in apk format

To search for the apk of the program of our interest just type its name and press enter. On the results page, we will be able to decide whether to click on the name of the App for see all versions available in apk format or if you click on the icon with the down arrow to therectly start the download of the latest.

Once you have downloaded the apk, just click on it to start the installation procedure (which is the same as any Android apk).

If this is your first time installing an app outside the Play Store, you will be prompted by the system to enable the download option from "Unknown sources". On every smartphone this item is usually found in the menu Safety.

APKMirror: Download Android apps safely in apk format

Once authorized and returned (with the system key) the installation will continue normally.

Just press when prompted on Install, and then when the procedure is finished on end.

What are the most downloaded apps on APKMirror?

The site is really convenient for downloatheng those apps that for compatibility reasons cannot be downloaded therectly from the Play Store or other channels.

Here are some of the most downloaded apps:

  • PUBG MOBILE (see also Best Android Games)
  • Netflix (since it is complicated to download the app from the Play Store if you have root permissions)
  • Google Play Store e Play Service (for those who want to install the updated Google market, we talked about it in our guide);
  • Pokemon Go

Worthy of mention and very downloaded are legal apps that do not find a place on the Play Store because they violate the market policy:

  • VidMate
  • Youtube Vanced

APK Mirror therectly as an Android app

APKMirror: Download Android apps safely in apk format

This site is so convenient and so rich in applications that Vojtěch Hořánek, an XDA coder, went to work on a handy (unofficial) client. The coder's work was carried out by TacoTheDank.

Development is progressing well and the project is increasingly complete. It is true that the mobile site is practical complete and accessible, but a convenient alternative available as an installed program never hurts. The app is light and practical translated into the city.

The two apps look thefferent even if they started from the same project; that of Vojtěch Hořánek is located at this address.

The one developed by TacoTheDank at this other address.

APKMirror: Download Android apps safely in apk format

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