Best reliable Chinese online stores

We are in a globalized world and the Internet easily allows us to shop anywhere in the world. Among the various parts of the planet, China is one of the countries that attracts the attention of technofans the most, either because of the emergence of interesting and strong brands such as Xiaomi, Huaweii and Oppo, or because of the presence of many technological products at particularly high prices. competitive.

Many Chinese stores, aware of the interest of us Westerners (Europeans and Americans), they stutheed and offered shipments to bypass customs (which with its taxes could nullify savings) and opened warehouses also in our continent for the same reason and to lower shipping times.

Here are the best Chinese online stores from which you can buy with some confidence.

The best Chinese online stores


It is one of the Chinese online stores very valid and reliable, mainly sells smartphones, tablets, smart watches, TV boxes, laptops, headphones, drones and sports cameras. There are many your language users who have made purchases from this store. So much so that the site now offers a shipment via priority line to our country without customs. Also Gearbest has opened a page in your language, which offers a two-year warranty and assistance in our language also via live chat.

The site supports the payment via Paypal (this gives customers a double guarantee that of the store and buyer protection of the well-known service). Priority line shipments usually take two weeks to reach us (10 working days) if you want to know more about delivery times you can consult the dethecated page.

If you are a geek or techno fan and are looking for a bargain, Gearbest is one of the first Chinese online stores to take a look at and trust.


This is probably the store that sells the largest number of imported phones. The site has two warehouses, one in China and one in the city. The one in China is managed by your language staff, so it will be easier to deal with any problem.

The site offers two types of shipping, a very fast one for the products on the your language warehouse and a longer one but always by courier and without customs for products from the Chinese warehouse.

Grossoshop offers therect assistance in the city and a two-year warranty on all its products.

You can buy it paying conveniently via Paypal, credit card, or bank transfer. It has very competitive prices, especially for products from the Chinese warehouse. If you are looking for your new smartphone and want to save Grossoshop can be the winning choice.


It is one of the best sites to buy Chinese smartphones from, offers reliability and above all shipping from the city. So there is no risk of paying customs in any way and orders are delivered quickly (usually in 3-4 working days).

The site offers a full two-year warranty on its products and has good customer service.

Honorbuy accepts payments via Paypal, bank transfer and credit card. In general, we recommend the first method just to be covered by the excellent buyer protection of Paypal.

So if you are looking for a reliable and affordable laptop from which to buy your next smartphone Honorbuy is definitely worth a visit.


It is a another excellent site in your language, similar to GearBest, very reliable and completely dethecated to Chinese electronics. In adthetion to smartphones and tablets, it also sells Smart Watch, TV Box, Fitness Band and Action Cam.

User comments are very positive on the shop and its seriousness, an efficient assistance service is available in our language.

The store also offers a 2-year your language warranty on all products and shipping without customs via courier (they have a warehouse in the city).

Payments can be made through Paypal for maximum security. If you are looking for a GeekMall tech gadget it might be worth a visit.


It is of 'Eastern Amazon, where you can find everything and often at lower prices than those obtainable in any other online store. It is unbeatable especially for small gadgets and spare parts. But it has a truly infinite catalog, ranging from smartphones to appliances, passing from clothing, cosmetics, accessories, toys, drones and whatever else you can think of.

The site works as a misto from Amazon ed eBay, many have a shop and sell their products. Unfortunately, once the transaction has been completed, payment can be made it is not possible to pay with Paypal, but you have excellent customer protection. Customer protection covers both non-receipt and non-compliant product.

For shipping it is advisable to opt for the slower and untracked one (it is practically never blocked by customs) especially if it exceeds 22 dollars in value, and it is often offered for free.

For products purchased on this platform this is not to be expected no guarantee, for this reason we do not recommend it for the purchase of smartphones, tablets and products for which you may need assistance.

You can reach the site and its huge catalog at this address.

Tiny deal

It is the main competitor of AliExpress, also in this case we have a potentially infinite catalog. On this site it is possible pay with Paypal to be on the safe side, you can choose between various types of shipping, the untracked one is always free.

For larger purchases it is advisable to pay slightly more to choose the shipment from EU warehouse so as not to rush no risk with customs.

Give Tiny Deal and its impressive catalog a chance.


This is yet another Chinese online store, quite well known and appreciated. It stands out for the great offers and the fact that it has many warehouses in various European countries, from which it is easy to receive the goods quickly and without any customs risk.

The assistance also responds in your language but it is clear that it is not exactly his mother tongue. The portal also accepts payments via Paypal so on this front you are quite safe and secure.

If you want to give TomTop and its offers a chance, you can reach the site at this address.


Another Chinese store with an interface translated into the city and a warehouse in our country, this Chinese online store is also very reliable and allows payments via Paypal. It has a decent product catalog that resembles that of Gearbest.

For pre and post purchase support, you can contact customer service via live chat.

If you want to take a look at the offers of Geekbuying just connect to the page.

Our study on the best Chinese online stores has ended, we can only wish you good purchases.

Best reliable Chinese online stores

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