Borderlands 3 review: wreak havoc!

Borderlands 3 review: wreak havoc!

Borderlands 3 it is exactly as I expected: chaotic, disrespectfully fun and able to expertly mix the need, never really exhausted, of single-player with the good old online co-op. In short, Borderlands 3 inherits from the previous chapter everything that had made it exciting and unmissable. The conservative approach, however, brings with it some small flaws, but nothing that can really compromise the gaming experience or, in some way, disappoint the fans.

But let's reserve these considerations for the conclusion and let's go into the review now, starting from one of the elements that I most appreciated: the narration.

The twins who wanted to be influencers

Borderlands 3 starts from there, from that desolate, brutal and inhospitable planet that it is Pandora. A few minutes of play will help you to settle in that territory that for 4 titles has been the background to the winnings told by Gearbox Software. You will find friends of yesteryear - including my favorite stand-up comedian, Claptrap -, the usual hordes of enemies ready to slaughter, a series of ramshackle (and poorly drivable) vehicles and an endless tide of weapons.

What is missing is him, the undisputed protagonist of the second episode: Handsome Jack. The Borderlands 2 antagonist is replaced here by a pair of apocalyptic webstars: i gemelli Calypso. The new bad guys, who in the long run prove to be clearly inferior to Handsome Jack in terms of personality, are the influencers of their era, complete with live streaming and followers ready to sacrifice themselves - literally - for the cause.

The clash with these two rivals, however, will push us to do something that was forbidden to us in the previous chapters: abandon Pandora. Yes, Borderlands 3 will take us to explore deeply different places, one more fascinating than the other.

The whole experience is then studded with famous and politically incorrect humor of the saga. Laughter is around the corner, but don't underestimate the work of the Texan team: behind digs and petty jokes, references to today's society and much higher issues are often hidden.


Borderlands 3 review: solid roots

Borderlands 3 gameplay is a delicate balance between tradition and innovation, a tension that has allowed Gearbox to bring to PC and consoles a title that does not disappoint the fans but, at the same time, offers some very welcome news.

And it is precisely from these that I want to start. In fact, the first thing that will catch your eye is the new movement system, now more dynamic and captivating. You can then slide during the shootings to move quickly from place to place, climb whenever you need to and launch from a height and then violently hit the opponents below. A variety of action that involves all 4 characters available, corresponding naturally to as many classes. You can then play as the Siren Amara, of the Operative Zane, of FL4K, the Beastmaster, or the little one It can with its mighty combat mech.

To distinguish the four Crimson Raiders we find the singles skill tree. In fact, each character will be equipped with different skills that we will have to cultivate and enhance. But pay attention to the choices you make: each skill tree has 3 different branches, so carefully choose the one that best suits you and your style of play.

With the same love you will then have to build your most precious arsenal. In fact, the game will catapult you from one shooting to another and choosing the right weapons, based on your approach and the type of enemies that awaits you, will be vital in order not to succumb. The Borderlands 3 repertoire is really huge: pistols, machine guns, rocket launchers and sniper rifles match the amazing catalog of bullets available. Tracer, electric, glacial and explosive, they will help you to inflict all kinds of punishment on the displaced of Pandora and all the other planets.

Alongside these exciting news, however, we find some annoying legacy from the past. In fact, directly from the previous chapters we find an environment that is, yes, quite destructible, but it lacks interactivity. Not convincing then the menu interface, often unnecessarily woody.

Game over?

After a thousand difficulties, a good number of bad words and the help of a few precious friends, you will complete the campaign. Game over? Not exactly. Remember first of all what Borderlands 3 is the paradise of side quests, missions that will help you level up when needed or have fun once the main story arc is exhausted.

For those who want to test their skills there are two further modes that make up the endgame of the game: Circle of Slaughter e Test Grounds. The first, in hordes, you can also face it alone, while the second, with arenas created ad hoc to host waves of enemies and a challenging final boss, is perfect for those looking for something extremely challenging to face with one or more friends. Is there anyone online? Don't panic, you can always resort to matchmaking to find some valid ally.


How not to love him?

Borderlands 3 is visually superb. Colorful, enhanced by a manicured toon shading and embellished with the introduction of new planets and - consequently - new settings, the latest work by Gearbox Software surpasses what has been done with previous titles, making your stay in the borderlands even more enjoyable and addicting. The glance is so amazing that to forgive the Texan team sporadic smudging, like some drop in framerate (at least on PlayStation 4), the occasional pop-in and the occasional bugs, it turns out really easy.

The sound performance was also promoted with full marks, both for the selection of tracks and for the excellent noises, and dubbing in Italian, with truly above average interpretations.

Borderlands 3 review: buy it or not?

The answer here is practically obvious. Borderlands 3 is a must have for every gamer, first of all for fans of the series who will be able to appreciate the references and the amount of characters inherited from the previous chapters. Add to this an exciting narrative sector, a hilarious gunplay and an endless amount of things to do. In short, don't miss it.

Borderlands 3

Pro Borderlands 3 review: wreak havoc!
  • Chaotically fun
  • Convincing narrative sector
  • Lots of hours of gameplay
  • Graphically satisfying
  • Perfect for playing with friends
Cons Borderlands 3 review: wreak havoc!
  • Some technical flaws
  • Improved interface
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