Cashback World: how the app that saves you works

The world of services cashback (which literally means "money back") perhaps he is still misunderstood: partly out of distrust, partly because he is not fully known. Among the most well-known websites there is Cashback world, a shopping community international born in Austria. But what what is Cashback World really? What does it do specifically? But most of all: you really save?

During the unfortunate Inter-Juve match a few weeks ago at San Siro, we tried to understand something more about this world, chatting with Michela Mosconi of Cashback World Italia, one of Inter's partners.

Cashback World: what it is and how it works

Cashback world it is a real cashback service and its operation is quite simple: the service - after a very quick registration on the dedicated portal - provides you with a Cashback Card, that is a card to use at affiliated merchants which, in Italy, are more than 13 thousand between shops, petrol stations, gyms, online portals, etc. The members include more than 30 large-scale retail companies and hundreds of online stores such as Booking, Groupon, Ebay and Yoox.

There are two advantages provided by this system. On the one hand, you have immediate cashback, ie the possibility of receive up to 5% of the amount just spent. This amount is transferred to your current account, so the money earned will be available again in a short time for other purchases.

On the other hand, there are Shopping Points, points that are accumulated with each purchase. What are they for? Simple: you can spend it to get discounts and special offers to use when you need them most.

But how long has Cashback World been present in Italy? "The company is Austrian" - Michela Mosconi tells me - "but despite this in Italy it has immediately gathered great approval and loyalty since 2009, the year in which it landed in our country."

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Today Cashback World has 50 employees in Italy, but it hasn't always been this way. “As soon as we opened our office in Verona” - says Michela - “I was the only one in the office and I took care of practically everything. I made the coupons by hand and, thanks to the trust of local merchants, who immediately joined Cashback World, we were able to expand in a truly incredible way “.

If you are curious to know how Cashback World for SMEs works or for online shops, click here.

Paper or application: there is no difference

To take advantage of these advantages (cashback and collection of shopping points) you do not need to remember to bring a physical copy of your card with you. Cashback World makes available to its customers a free application called Cashback App, present on both the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Cashback World: how the app that saves you works Cashback World: how the app that saves you works Download QR-Code ‎myWorld Benefits Developer: myWorld 360 AG Price: Free

Cashback World: how the app that saves you works Cashback World: how the app that saves you works Download QR-Code myWorld Benefits Developer: myWorld Price: Free

The application allows you to have your digital Cashback Card at hand, but also to find affiliated businesses and to check promotions and offers.

The world of Cashback World has no particular product limits. This means that you can take advantage of the service on any occasion. Do you think the affiliated shops are well 80.000 worldwide. This means that you can use your card (physical or virtual) anywhere, without borders. 

High loyalty and certified reliability

But how much do Italians know and appreciate Cashback World? To explain the phenomenon, Michela Mosconi tells me a curious anecdote: “Once I was in the car with a person, we were almost on foot because the fuel was out. My travel companion went out of his way to get to the Cashback World affiliate distributor, which was just a few miles ahead. This episode made me realize how many people are really attached to our way of working and the service we offer them every week. "

In fact, with the mechanism proposed by Cashback World, once they get used to it, customers only want to go to the affiliated shops: the more you spend in the affiliated stores, the more money you will get back.

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But a little doubt came to me: the Austrian company really does the transfer every week to everyone, but really all customers? “Yes” says Michela Mosconi “every week we make the transfer to our customers, as long as they have reached a minimum threshold of 10 euros and that they have remembered to enter their bank details in their account. We have been operating in Italy since 2009 and have received the recognition of Reliability since CODACONS as the services and assistance of the company offered to users and consumers correspond to the criteria of transparency, efficiency, equality, impartiality, courtesy and availability of the entity. "

Cashback World loves sports and social

As we explained earlier, we had a chat with Michela Mosconi at the Meazza Stadium in Milan during the match played between Inter and Juve. Why precisely in this context? Because Cashback World is one of Inter's partners: together with the partnership with the Nerroazzurri football club, an Inter branded cashback card was created, aimed at all fans.

In addition to the classic advantages offered by Cashback World, fans who decide to participate in the Inter Cashback Program will have access to a dedicated portal on which to shop and a specially developed application for Android and iOS. Furthermore, there will be a physical card, personalized for the occasion.

Cashback World, however, does not only engage in sports because the Austrian company also founded a non-profit organization called some time ago Child & Family Foundation (CFF), the charity dedicated to supporting children, young people and families in difficulty. The CFF has already promoted some Angel for a Day in Italy, days dedicated to offering playful recreational activities to children living in difficult situations.

Furthermore, in 2015 the company contributed to the purchase of a minibus for school transport in the Municipality of Mirandola, following the earthquake that hit the region. Another important project was carried out in collaboration with the CFF: the restoration of the Hypogea of ​​the Basilica del Buon Consiglio in Capodimonte, in the Sanità district of Naples, which saw the transformation of these spaces into a computer room and a large play area. mdedicated to diversity, fun, education and art.

“This charity action could only take place thanks to all those who made purchases at the affiliated stores. Yes, because part of the cashback is used for our non-profit organization ”explained Michela Mosconi.

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