Choros Ballet: live interview Wednesday 20 May 18.30 pm | #SpaceAllOspite

In this live interview by #SpaceAllOspite with us there will be i guys from Choros Ballet, four "crazy" (who respond to the names of Shinhai, Tiziano, Michele and Tim) who have decided to catapult dance into the world of social networks in a fresh, ironic but above all "human" way. 

The appointment with #SpazioAllOspite in the company of Choros Ballet is for Wednesday 20 May at 18.30 pm on our Facebook, YouTube and Twitch channels. 

Choros Ballet: who am I?

Tiziano Casu, Shinhai Ventura, Michele Prudente and Tim Stodieck, 4 professional dancers decide to bring their life on social media, starting from 2016, the Choros Ballet group, on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook channels. A very active community that ranges from dance to fitness and from nutrition to lifestyle. Dance and the world of entertainment are declined in the most diverse ways, with ever new and innovative formats. By making this world accessible to all. Many people see Choros as an example of artists to imitate, from which they draw motivation and advice, both technical and lifestyle. Outside the social networks their career continues both on television level with participation in programs such as Italia's got talent, and on a theatrical level with a show created by them and which has already made its first tour.   REMEMBER TO ACTIVATE THE REMINDER TO RECEIVE A NOTIFICATION WHEN WE ARE ONLINE WITH LIVE! 

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