How to Train Your Dragon: How Nerdy Is Viking Hiccup?

How to Train Your Dragon: How Nerdy Is Viking Hiccup?

La tech usually used in cartoons set in a bygone era It is surprising. An example could be i Flintstones, far-sighted for the times - the now distant 60s - but just as technological for a cartoon set in prehistoric times.

Dinosaurs as pets or work animals, telephones, machines in stone and wood: the Flintstones represented a milestone for a genre that has developed further over the years, especially in its characters. Wanting to be more specific, try to imagine a thin Viking but with a very high IQ, with a noble and tender heart, as well as a friend of dragons!

Yes, the subject in question is Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, the dragon trainer champion of the island of Berk.

Hiccup: the tech-friendly genius

Those who have followed not only the films but also the television series, will have been able to see the use of one substantially modern technology; even the jokes are entirely in line with the 2019st century. And it is Hiccup himself the first to introduce us to many of the products he himself invented. Some, if you think about it, would be useful and innovative even in XNUMX!

Let's think about the fiery sword thanks to the Horrid Nightmare gel that is so Star Wars, or to the smoke bombs obtained through the gas of Orripilante Bizzippo; not to mention his ability to recreate a second from scratch dragon eye (a treat for those who have followed the series entitled "Beyond the borders of Berk").

In short, an atypical Viking: slouching, most of the time awkward - especially with the opposite sex - but gifted with great courage when needed and, above all, a nerd par excellence.

While his peers were busy training to defend Berk from the dragons, he worked in the forge of Skaracchio, surrounded by iron and oddities created out of thin air. And it is in his friend's shop that he developed a unique skill in metalworking, an imprint that will be useful especially in his future adventures.

However, Hiccup is not only an excellent blacksmith and inventor - if it weren't for his dragon-catching machine, he and Toothless probably would never have met - but also a trusted leader and a great strategist.

Just like Viggo Grimace, one of the antagonists of the TV series, Hiccup manages to juggle very well in a game called Clubs and Claws, similar to our chess. Not to mention his deep knowledge of dragons and the emotion as a child in front of unknown or rare species.

Some of Hiccup's inventions

Obviously it could only being a Viking extremely ahead of his time, who has been able to approach and involve the spectators in his crazy adventures. Wanting to go into detail, we can collect Hiccup's most important inventions in this small list.

He managed to create from nothing:

  • special prostheses for Toothless's tail, adapting them for every flight need;
  • the aforementioned smoke bombs with gas from Orripilante Bizzippo, the burning sword through the Horrendous Nightmare gel and the second dragon's eye;
  • some blacksmith's goggles and a ship for aquatic diving with some amber from Canto Letale;
  • fireproof clothing thanks to dragon scales;
  • air mail to communicate quickly from one part of the archipelago to another using the Terrible Terrors;
  • an iron shield of Gronchio containing an enveloping rope with grappling hook, a mini catapult and a crossbow;
  • some fabric wings and then a special suit to allow him to fly alone.

In short, this nerdy guy has always shown that he is gifted with great intelligence and curiosity, as well as a profound sensitivity of mind. Incredible for a young man of an indefinite era but certainly very far from ours!


A modern Hiccup, intended as a boy of 2019, would probably have been an avid gamer of videogames, Dungeons & Dragons and a computer enthusiast. Not to mention the comics, movies and TV shows that he would have devoured instantly!

This Viking, son of Stoick the immense and future chief of Berk, has spent most of his life trying to be accepted by his people, without knowing how his genius side would have not only turned his existence upside down but also that of his friends, dragons and inhabitants of the entire archipelago of which Berk is a part.

In conclusion, find elements of today's technology in a cartoon set in the past, it is something surprising. It is precisely the characters like Hiccup who are able to make us appreciate objects that for us, in everyday life, are highly discounted. After all, where we would be now without the technological innovation of the last few decades?

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