Chris Pratt: the top 5 films of the actor of the moment

On July 2nd it came out on Amazon Prime Video the film "The war of tomorrow", that sees Chris Pratt in the role of the protagonist. This release aroused curiosity about the American actor, together with a certain desire to brush up on his filmography. A career full of adrenaline-pumping films, often in the role of the hero. Perhaps he is not the best known and most talked about actor in the star system, if you still don't know him well, today is your chance: we have decided to talk about 5 blockbuster films in which Chirs Pratt stars.

Guardians of the Galaxy with Chris Pratt

We can admire Chirs Pratt as the superhero Peter Quill / Star-Lord in Marvel movie "Guardians of the Galaxy". His character is one of the protagonists of the trilogy and plays a fundamental role in the story. Take on the role of a space adventurer, Brash Peter Quill, who is the prey of some bounty hunters after stealing a coveted sphere from the mighty Ronan. To escape death, the man teams up with four unlikely adventure companions, thus forming the group of Guardians of the Galaxy. The films starring Peter Quill are included in the cycle of Marvel films, according to a precise order of viewing. You can see them all on Disney +.


Who has never seen Jurassic Park? After years of detention they have arrived 2 sequel, under the name of J. The film was very successful in theaters. Chris Pratt in this film he plays the role of Owen Grady, ex-marine expert on dinosaurs, able to tame the velociraptors. The story takes place inside the exclusive Jurassic World vacation village in Costa Rica. The park is home to an incredible array of genetically created dinosaurs, including an Indominus rex, one of the most intelligent and aggressive animals. The latter manages to escape, triggering a chain reaction. Owen's intervention is essential to contain the catastrophe. The first chapter of Jurassic World is available at Netflix.

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Passenger, a suspenseful film

In this Passenger we see Chris Pratt acting alongside Jennifer Lawrence. The story is full of suspense. A spaceship travels to a space colony carrying thousands of people in a state of hibernation. Due to a malfunction, two passengers wake up 90 years before arrival, thus being trapped with no escape, knowing that their life will end well before they arrive at their destination. You can find out how the movie ends up Amazon Prime Video.

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Chris Pratt also in Avengers

Chirss Pratt returns to take on the role of Star-Lord in Avengers: Infinity War and in the sequel Avengers: Endgame. Pratt's character takes part in the intergalactic war to support superheroes who want to protect the Earth. Marvel movies are all intertwined, each hero's story flowing into a single, more general plot. All Marvel movies can be found on Disney +.

The war of tomorrow: Chirs Pratt's latest work

Chirs Pratt's most recent role is that of Dan Forester in The war of tomorrow, released on July 2 Amazon Prime Video. The film brought the actor's name on everyone's lips. Il Direct film is set in a dystopian future, where Earth is grappling with an alien invasion. Time travelers from the future come to our time to bring horrible news: the Earth is in danger of defeat. To try to save the future of humanity, some men of the present are transported to the future to fight the war, which does not concern them but which involves them emotionally. Among these soldiers there is Dan Forester who feels hopes to give her little daughter a better world.

Are you already a fan of Chris Pratt or is he an actor yet to be discovered? We like him a lot, he's perfect in the roles of a soldier-adventurer who saves the world. His films are always full of action, adrenaline and suspense, perfect for adventure lovers.

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