Clean uninstall: links and tips

Clean uninstall: links and tips

The purpose of this page is to collect information about the proper uninstallation of various security software. The longer term objective is to add the various tutorials and links concerning software whose uninstallation leaves traces, whether security or not.

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Av Uninstall Tools is an all-in-one utility that can uninstall most or all anti-virus software.

Avira / AntiVir

To uninstall Avira / AntiVir, right click on the AntiVir icon in the taskbar (bottom right), click on "Activate Antivir Guard" to deactivate it then uninstall the program from the tool Add / Remove Programs located in Control Panel.
Use Avira Registry Cleaner to remove registry entries, it is available here.


The procedure is available here.

AVG Antivirus

AVG Remover for 32 bit
AVG Remover for 64 bit
Normally, you are in 32 bits (default):
If needed, click here to find out if you are 32 or 64 bit.

Check out the following FAQ at AVG. If there is a problem, it is explained, reinstall a recent version of the software and then uninstall from the Add / Remove Programs tool located in the Control Panel.


Tutorial from the publisher's site - Direct link to the uninstallation utility

Comodo Antivirus

Follow the instructions on this editor page.


I only found at the publisher these pages in English on Version 3 and version 6 of this antivirus.


Follow the instructions on this page.


It's all on this page and this page

McAfee VirusScan version 2005 a 2010

For Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7, go to download the uninstallation utility on this page and follow the instructions on this link. For Windows 98 or Me, download and run this uninstallation utility. The antivirus starts a countdown (about a minute) and then begins the uninstallation itself. Several icons appear during this process but will then disappear, before or after the restart, except one called mccleanup.log, which you can remove after checking that everything has been done correctly.


According to the publisher, “NOD32 can be uninstalled directly from the Start menu - Programs (All Programs) - Eset - Uninstall, or via Start - Control Panel - Add / Remove Programs. ".
In case it refuses to uninstall, you can follow the instructions HERE or use the uninstall utility HERE

Norman Virus Control

Download the uninstallation utility.
Run it, a dialog box will appear offering you either to remove or repair the installation. Select "delete" and restart the pc so that the changes are taken into account.

Norton Antivirus et Norton Internet Security

Go to this page and download the Norton Removal Tool. You can also read this article and also this one.
To uninstall any other Norton product: http: // / ...

Panda Antivirus

Download the uninstallation utility. Run it then restart when prompted. It is the same procedure for Panda Internet security and Panda Antivirus + Firewall.
Further information

PC-cillin de Trend Micro

Go to the folder of your antivirus and find the PCCTOOL.EXE file (normally it is this folder: C: Program FilesTrend MicroAntivirus directory). Double-click then choose the uninstall tab and the appropriate version (for the following versions, the matches are PC-cillin 7 for PC-cillin 2000, PC-cillin 9 for PC-cillin 2002, PC-cillin 10 for PC- cillin 2003). Then restart.


AVG Plus Firewall Edition

Follow the instructions here:

BitGuard Personal Firewall

See the following link:


See the following links (il faudrait s'inscrire pour télécharger Comodo


Follow these instructions, unfortunately in English, to uninstall Jetico Personal Firewall v2 but freely translated here: properly uninstall jetico personal firewall 2
For version 1, it's here.

Kaspersky® Internet Security


Kerio Personal 4

Press Start then Run and type or paste services.msc in the input area. In the window that opens, look for Sunbelt or Kerio and double-click. In the new window, in Startup type, choose Disabled; close the services and uninstall via Add / Remove Programs. To restart. To remove residue or in case of difficulty, consult this topic.

Lavasoft Personal Firewall

See this link in English:

Look'n' Stop

Uninstall by Add / Remove Program. Consult this link to verify that everything is erased.

McAfee Personal Firewall Plus

Follow the instructions on this page. An uninstallation tool is available right here. For McAfee suites, see this link:


  • Agnitum OutPost Firewall Pro: Follow these instructions.
  • Agnitum Outpost Security Suite Pro: Follow these instructions.

Panda Antivirus + Firewall

If the uninstallation is not complete or is not possible via Add / Remove Programs, download UNINSTALLER_10.exe
Launch this executable by double-click
When the window appears, confirm with Yes
Restart your computer.


Follow the instructions on the next page.

ZoneAlarm and ZoneAlarm Pro

An official utility to remove ZoneAlarm is available here. If that's not enough, instructions are available right here. Do not forget to start in safe mode like this or by tapping on F8 or F5 - depending on the motherboard - when starting the computer) and with administrator rights.

Other software

Ad-Aware SE

Uninstall Ad-Aware SE.

Catalyst Control Center and AMD / ATI Driver

AMD Clean Uninstall Utility removes the driver from an AMD / ATI graphics card as well as the Catalyst Control Center.


Use Nero General CleanTool available here.

Outlook Express

Uninstall Outlook Express.

Roxio / Sonic product family

  • Easy Media Creator 9
  • Easy Media Creator 8
  • Easy Media Creator 7.5
  • WinOnCD 9
  • WinOnCD 8

For the aforementioned products, see the following page:

For Easy CD Creator 5, see

Spybot Search and Destroy

Cleanly uninstall Spybot Search and Destroy.


Start the uninstall wizard which can be downloaded from the publisher's website.

Windows Messenger

Uninstall MSN Messenger.


Good uninstalling habits, whatever the software

Various uninstallation tools and related tutorials

  • Uninstalling competing products from the Kaspersky administration Kit 6 console.
  • Alternative to uninstall a program: Download and launch CCleaner, click on the Tools> Uninstall programs tab, then identify the program to uninstall, darken it then click Uninstall.
  • Clean the registry with JV16 Power Tools, CCleaner, RegCleaner or RegSeeker.
  • Microsoft Windows Installer CleanUp, an uninstallation utility that nothing seems to resist.

Special thanks to Despe1701 and Regis59 for their great help in writing this tip.

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