Comment enregistrer are slideshow PowerPoint en video ?

Converting your PowerPoint presentation to video can be very useful in some cases. This operation will be greatly facilitated and will not require you to have any knowledge of video compression.

Enregistrer son slide PowerPoint en video

  1. Select the tab File Export Make a video

  2. Tap the resolution you want for your video The resolution of your video must be adapted according to the screen:

    • Ultra HD (4 K) > Large monitors

    • Full HD (1080p) >Computers and HD screens

    • HD (720p) > Internet and DVDs

    • Standard (480p) > Wearables

  3. Adjust the display time of your slides (seconds) then click on Create Video

  4. In the dialog box, fill in the name of your video file then click on Save. Now all you have to do is wait while PowerPoint converts your presentation into a video file.

Note that it is possible to choose the format Windows Media Video , admittedly less common than the format MP4. Additionally, you can also choose to set manual timings on your transitions as well as animations to customize how the presentation flows in your video.

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