Doom 1 and 2: coming free for Final Doom and Sigil consoles

To celebrate the Doom's 26th anniversary, Bethesda revealed that the console ports of Doom 1 e 2 will update with some shortly free add-ons, including Final doom e Sigil, the latter created by the famous John romero.

Final Doom e Sigil

The news came during the livestream of Bethesda dedicated to the 26th anniversary of Doom. During the live broadcast, the explosive news was given that one patch imminente will introduce the two famous mods of the classic Doom already available on PC. 

The publisher has decided to give a gift to the owners of the port of Doom 1 e 2 su PS4 e Xbox One and add-ons will appear in the menu soon.

One of these free add-ons will be Sigil, created by Jhon Romero himself. Was launched at May and includes nine new single player levels e nine new levels of Deathmatch, but Bethesda also has other noteworthy offerings. Fans will be able to download, in fact, too Final doom, which was originally published on PC in 1996. Final Doom include your back TnT: Evilution e The Plutonia Experiment., both of which formed the 32-level commercial release of Final Doom.  
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Furthermore, Bethesda has confirmed that the well-known expansion No Rest for the Living will make its way to Doom 2.

There's no release date for all of this yet, but the update is slated for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 e Switch “presto”.

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