ENEL ONE: subscription energy with € 120 Bonus!

ENEL ONE: subscription energy with € 120 Bonus!

The certainty of a subscription with 5 plans of your choice at a fixed monthly cost. Furthermore, for you, up to € 120 bonus if you switch to Enel Energia (in the article there are product insertions for commercial purposes)

Enel One is Enel Energia's new subscription offer on the free market for those with a second generation meter. With Enel One the advantage is twofold: on the one hand a clear, simple and flexible solution, on the other hand only green energy certified as coming from renewable sources through the GSE system of guarantees of origin.

In addition, a bonus of up to € 120 is paid to new customers who switch to Enel Energia.

Let's see in detail the features of the offer.

Enel One, the 5 subscription tariff plans

The key word of Enel One is simplicity. Yes, because all you have to do is simply choose one of the five fixed monthly cost subscription plans, inclusive of taxes and VAT, that best suits your consumption needs.

These are the subscription plans *:

- Mini: 32€ per month for a consumption of 100 kWh per month; perfect for those who live alone

- Basic: € 40 per month for 150 kWh per month; it is aimed at couples or singles with high consumption

- Plus: 50€ per month for 200 kWh per month; recommended for families of 3 people

- Super: 67€ per month for 300 kWh per month; optimal for families of 4 people

- Ultra: 79€ per month for 370 kWh per month; it is aimed at families of 5 or more people, or for those with high consumption habits

Furthermore, the customer can at any time monitor their consumption of the previous days directly from the App or the Customer Area and if their consumption habits should change, approaching or exceeding the threshold of the chosen plan, they can easily change it with a click in the App. or in the Customer Area. **

E-BOX, the digital virtual piggy bank

You may be wondering what happens if you consume less kWh in a month than the plan you have chosen, or if you have consumed more.

Enel Energia has created E-BOX, a digital and dynamic piggy bank into which lower or higher consumption than the chosen plan converge each month. Each month you will always be billed the same amount, but at the end of the contractual year you will be credited with € 0,179 (VAT and taxes included) for each kWh consumed less than the chosen plan, or you will be charged the same amount for each kWh consumed in addition, always with respect to the chosen plan.

In any case, the E-BOX is monetized in advance if a positive amount or negative credit or debit of at least € 45.

The monetization of the E-BOX also takes place in the event of withdrawal from the contract, termination of the supply or exchange of the offer.

You can easily access the E-BOX from the customer area MyEnel, from a browser or from a smartphone app. Or again, you can use Alexa, Amazon's voice assistant

Alexa gives voice to your energy

If you have Alexa, download the Enel Energia skill from Amazon.it for free. In this way you can interact with the voice assistant to ask for all the information about your bills, payment status, how to change payment method, or to find out how it works. enelpremia WOW!, the completely free loyalty program for Enel Energia customers which allows them to participate in competitions and special initiatives and each week offers advantageous discount coupons to be spent at third party partners selected by Enel Energia.

What are you waiting for? Discover ENEL ONE! http://www.enel.it/it/luce-e-gas/luce/offerte/enel-one.html


Please note:

Enel Energia for the free market

* the prices shown are valid for the first 12 months from the date of activation of the supply. In the case of supplies for non-resident domestic use, the payment of a monthly fee of 12 euros per month (VAT and taxes included) will be required. In the event of a contractual power exceeding 3 kW, the payment of a monthly fee of 3 euros per month (VAT and taxes included) will be required for each additional kW.

** the meter must be remotely read on an hourly basis by the distribution company responsible for the area and able to detect and transmit quarter-hour curves


In case of acceptance of this offer by a customer who has changed supplier, a total bonus of 120 €, including VAT, will be awarded, divided into 24 months; the monthly amount of the bonus of € 5, including VAT, will be recognized on the invoice starting from the first month of supply. In the event of withdrawal, termination of supply or product change (re-negotiation), the Customer will be entitled to the portion of the bonus accrued up to that moment.

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