Erased: Why look at it?

Why look at it is the new Tech Princess column, edited by Mattia Chiappani and Veronica Lorenzini, in which they reveal why you should watch a certain TV series: the chosen series of the day is Erased, the live action adaptation released on Netflix.

Premise: it is only available audio in Japanese and English. This means that you will have to fight, if you are not familiar with them, with subtitles.

Erased, il live action del manga Boku dake ga Inai Machi

Erased is a Japanese series, more specifically a live action adaptation of 2017 inspired by the manga Boku dake ga Inai Machi by Kei Sanbee to the homonymous anime. The plot focuses on the life of Satoru Fujinuma, an introverted boy who would like to break into the world of manga drawing and who delivers pizzas as a part-time job.

This failure of his in drawing is due to his shyness and his past experiences. Satoru, however, possesses a special power: the Revival, so called by him.

It is a special power that allows him to go back in time but not too much, just enough to be able to save people from critical situations. After an important and tragic event, his power will play a trick on him and bring him back to his childhood, around the time his partner Kayo Hinazuki disappeared. Its purpose will be to find the kidnapper.

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As always, my dear friends, I work quite the other way around. Here too I saw the live action first and then the anime but this time I have a good motivation. Netflix, at the time, released the anime a few months later having released the live action so I swear to you, this time it's not my fault.

One of the main elements that I madly adored is the science fiction atmosphere e the crime story element to the CSI that merge giving life to Erased. Initially I chose to see this series because I "knew" Yūki Furukawa, the main actor, thanks to other TV series in which I had particularly appreciated her acting skills.

Also there was the element mystery / yellow which attracted me a lot, so come on, the presence of the actor was quite secondary. But now get ready because I will give you other reasons why you should definitely look at this one. Grab some food and put aside your contempt for subtitles - a little healthy reading is good.

Pungent Plot: Almond Sherlock Holmes

One of the elements that allowed me to literally remain stuck in front of the television is the plot. I think it's one of the more complete ed interesting I've ever seen, is filled with mystery e twists and until the end it is not known who the culprit is.

The atmosphere is heavy, especially when Satoru is carried by the Revival in the period of his childhood. In these scenes in particular I loved the acting skills by Reo Uchikawa, the little Satoru. It was enlightening and at the same time almost funny, because in those scenes set in the past it almost seems to see Detective Conan at work.

In fact, with the passing of the bets you will realize that the little Satoru no detail escapes and manages to face the situation in cold blood. A real Sherlock Holmes with almond eyes.

The only flaw of this TV series is the duration. I personally am used to very long series, consisting of 16 episodes of an hour and a half each. Here, however, they are only 12 episodes of half an hour each. Despite the short duration, however, Erased lacks nothing.

Everything unfolds perfectly, without leaving any question marks bothersome. We will doubt everything and everyone and it will not be easy to identify the kidnapper on duty.

I admit it: I only understood it when they practically told me towards the end. I hope you are a little smarter than me and find the culprit first.

Erased: why should you look at it?

The more time passes, the more I realize that i Asian products in general they are all unique in their kind and definitely deserve more visibility. I could probably be biased as an Asian series fanatic but let's do an experiment: watch this series and then we'll talk about it again.

I am sure you will fall in love with it and will do everything to find other similar products.

Erased owns one really well developed plot, characterized by a great mix science fiction, mystery and mystery story that works perfectly. Almost every episode, although short, is characterized by some interesting twist e surprising.

Moreover, there is no lack of that mild but stinging feeling of distress that pervades us for the duration of the series, or at least when things start to get sharper.

During these few episodes, we find ourselves in front of the deep characters and well characterized that face a inner growth truly wonderful.

Also, as you could have guessed, the series shows us both the past and the present: very well, this cross-section between today and yesterday has been developed very well and shows us in the minute detail situations which will allow us to understand some characters.

Last but not least, the message. Each episode offers us a detail which, at the end of the series, will turn into a kind of really important message. The series, however, delivers different points of view so I think these details are different for each person. But this is really wonderful.

Before I let you go to Netflix to watch the series, I'd like to give you a little advice. Do like me, see live action first and then, if you're curious, the anime. From what I was able to understand by turning on the web, the live action is much more faithful to the manga than the anime is.

What are you still doing here? Run on Netflix and dive into the world of Revival with Satoru.


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