Facebook Messenger: how to delete messages already sent

Facebook Messenger: how to delete messages already sent

As already mentioned a few months ago, Facebook  decided to release a new one updated version of the Messenger app with an important novelty: it will, in fact, be possible delete messages even after they have already been sent.

Facebook Messenger: let's forget the fear of making mistakes

No more fear of making mistakes: if by mistake you have stumbled upon a sensational typo, or you have sent the wrong message to the even more wrong person, you can always fix it.

Simple to err, just as eliminating the error: just click on the offending message within 10 minutes of sending. At the moment of the click they will appear two options: the ability to remove it for all members of the conversation o only for themselves. Once deleted for everyone, you will see a small notice stating the person who removed the message.

Background and availability of the new feature

The request for this new feature seems to have come from users. In fact, several months ago many of the Facebook goers had noticed that the messages received within conversations with the CEO Mark Zuckerberg mysteriously disappeared.

Facebook would only later confirm that the messages would delete themselves after a certain period of time. So it seems that all this mystery was part of one testing phase to introduce this current functionality, in order also to guarantee increased security and privacy measures.

So why limit this "super power" only to the great Mark?

So after a long wait, the Facebook Messenger update seems to have finally arrived: from today on the versions iOS e Android.


Via The Verge
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