Google Home: Ok Google, here are the best voice commands

Google Home: Ok Google, here are the best voice commands

Google Home is first and foremost Google Assistant, one of the most powerful voice assistants on the market. However, even if he can do a lot of things, knowing in advance a few commands that will give satisfactory answers is very useful. You will find everything in this folder!

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Google Home: the essential commands

Here we have put together the basic commands you need to use Google Home properly:

  • Ok Google, Hello! (the answer to this command is some information on the weather, traffic jams, your reminders etc.)
  • Ok Google, what's the news?
  • Ok Google, what are the economic news?
  • Ok Google, what's the tech news?
  • Ok Google, play Your country Info on TuneIn
  • Ok Google, what's the weather like?
  • Ok Google, are there traffic jams?
  • Ok Google, remind me to do the laundry on Saturday at 14 p.m.
  • Ok Google, give me the list of reminders
  • Ok Google, remove [reminder name] from my reminders
  • Ok Google, order an Uber
  • Ok Google, remember I put the keys in the flowerpot to the right of the window
  • Ok Google, where did I put my keys?
  • Ok Google, how do you say cactus in Japanese?
  • Ok Google, where is my smartphone?
  • Ok Google, where is my iPhone?
  • Ok Google, put the frequency 100.4
  • Ok Google, what is the cooking time for soft boiled eggs?
  • Ok Google, how do you say hello in Japanese / Russian / Korean / Chinese / etc?

Google Home: become the master of time

  • Ok Google, what time is it?
  • Ok Google, set an alarm at [x hours]
  • Ok Google, put the timer on [x minutes]
  • Ok Google, put a second timer on [x minutes]
  • Ok Google, how much time is left on the timer?
  • Ok Google, cancel the timer
  • Ok Google, what time is it in Vienna / London / New York / etc?

Note that Google Assistant will soon make it possible to turn off an alarm without having to pronounce “OK Google” before ordering. Other commands will also be affected by this functionality, such as answering a call.

Pair your smartphone with Bluetooth

  • Ok Google, appairage Bluetooth
  • Ok Google, is Bluetooth active?
  • Ok Google, cancel the pairing
  • Ok Google, delete all my bluetooth devices

Google Home, master of your home

  • Ok Google, turn on [name of light]
  • Ok Google, Thames [name of the light]
  • Ok Google, increase the brightness of [name of light]
  • Ok Google, set the heating to 20
  • Ok Google, set the air conditioning to 25
  • Ok Google, activate / deactivate the socket [name of the socket]
  • Ok Google, enable / disable the switch [name of the switch]

To take advantage of all these controls, you must of course be equipped with the appropriate connected equipment (lighting, sockets, thermostat, etc.). Here you can find our selection of the best connected objects compatible with Google Home.

Google Home: controls for music and videos YouTube and Netflix

  • Ok Google, play Radiohead's Ok Computer
  • Ok Google, play my Discoveries of the Week playlist on Spotify
  • Ok Google, mets Paint It Black sur Spotify
  • Ok Google, play some music
  • Ok Google, play some music to relax
  • Ok Google, play a song with these words “I'm near Ohio” (if you want to listen to Ohio by Isabelle Adjani)
  • Ok Google, stop / pause / shut up (if you're in a bad mood - we've tested it, it works!)
  • Ok Google, what is music?
  • Ok Google, go x seconds
  • Ok Google, launch Le Serpent on Netflix
  • Ok Google, pause (will pause music or video depending on context)
  • Ok Google, what is music?

Google Home: a few commands for browsing the web

  • Ok Google, open the site [site name] on [device name]
  • Ok Google, go to the previous page

Some commands for routes and routes

  • Ok Google, how many kilometers are there between Toulouse and your city?
  • Ok Google, how long do I need to walk to the station?

Some orders related to the coronavirus pandemic

  • Ok Google help me wash my hands well
  • Ok Google, what is the coronavirus?
  • Ok Google, what's the latest news on the coronavirus?
  • Ok Google, what time is curfew?

Google Home: some applications that you can control from your speaker

Many applications are directly compatible with your speakers, among which are:

  • Uber
  • Netflix
  • Applications Google (Agenda, Maps, Messages, etc…)
  • Spotify
  • TuneIn

Plays, dishes, spears are interchangeable: Google Assistant understands words with their context for a more natural interaction. Of course, this list is not exhaustive, we will complete it as we go. If you have an Echo speaker, we suggest you read this list of commands for Alexa. And if you know of any funny or awfully useful commands, share them in the comments!

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