How do I act on an element in GIMP?

GIMP is simple to use and powerful free software. His utility ? Help the user to achieve all kinds of graphic creations and photomontages. This tool, which can be used both professionally and occasionally, is an excellent free alternative to Photoshop.

If you've followed the first part of this GIMP tutorial series, you've already got the hang of this tool. It's time to go further: here, you will learn how to act on an element within the image editor, but also how to use the most famous tools: magic wand, eyedropper, smart scissors, paint and transformation. It interests you ? Well, here we go!

The different actions on elements possible in GIMP

In order to act on an element in a document opened on GIMP, it is necessary to select it. Fortunately, it's not complicated: it is possible to make a selection of elements in a few clicks. Of course, deselection is just as easy. The tutorial "How to select or deselect an element in GIMP" explains the steps you need to know.

Two tools are regularly used to perfect a selection: the magic wand, for fuzzy shapes and the smart scissors, for the selection of complex shapes. Find out how to use them in the following tutorials: "How to use the magic wand in GIMP?" and "How do I use smart scissors in GIMP?" ".

Once the element has been selected, the user may want to move it in order to go further in modifying the image. There too, GIMP makes things easier: a dedicated tool allows you to perform all kinds of movements. You can, for example, choose to move a layer, a path or simply a selection. Learn how to move an element in GIMP now.

Finally, it can also be useful to know how to remove an element in the editor. If this is what you want to achieve, then read the tutorial “How to delete an element in GIMP”.

Edit an Element in GIMP

The GIMP software allows you to "take" the color of an image to reuse it elsewhere, in a text layer, for example. How ? By using the Eyedropper tool, integrated in the editor. This feature allows you to create more harmonious creations. We explain everything in the tutorial "How to use the eyedropper tool in GIMP?" ".

But that's not all: GIMP is full of painting tools that are very useful for customizing your images. Among them, there are in particular the brush, the pencil, the airbrush, but also the functionalities of calligraphy or smearing. Learn more in the tutorial "How to Use Paint Tools in GIMP?" ".

There are also options to transform the elements: align, rotate, cut, shear and many others. You will know all about the subject by reading the tutorial "How to use transformation tools in GIMP?" ".

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