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    How do I create Google Home device groups?

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    If you have multiple devices Google Home, you can perfectly stream music simultaneously to all of them or only to the ones you want. To do this, simply create one or more groups of devices via theGoogle Home app.

    Note that to work in a group, all your devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

    1. From the home page of the Google Home app, click on the "+" button

    2. Select "Create speaker group"

    The app will ask you to choose the speakers you want to associate with this new group.

    3. Clearly identify your groups with specific names, in case you create more than one

    In our example we have created two groups. The first includes all the speakers in the house, while the second only contains those for the patio and the kitchen.

    Back on the home screen, you will see your speaker group(s) appear on this page.

    4. From the home page select the group of speakers on which to stream music

    5. Click "Play Music" to switch your playlist from current speaker to group

    You can also click "Open Spotify" (if that's the streaming service you've chosen) to start playing.

    6. On this page you can control the group sound volume and other settings

    You are off! In voice commands, ask Google to play you a specific playlist or a genre of music, to lower or raise the volume or to play the music only in certain rooms if you have set your groups in several rooms of the house. To adjust the volume of a single device, address it without specifying a group name.

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