How long does it take for the price of a smartphone to drop?

Discounts on smartphones after the first 3 months of release, this is the result ofideal survey - international price comparison portal - which, a few days before the start of one of the most important technology fairs, theIFA in Berlin, he wanted to take stock of the online market for smartphone. The company wanted to understand if the Italians, once again this year, let themselves be conquered by the latest models of mobile phones. But not only that, the survey analyzes which are the most popular brands and, finally, what has been the price trend and how long it is worth waiting, after the launch of a new model, before making the purchase.

The online market in the last 12 months

Over the past year, smartphone prices have gone down average price increase of + 17,1%. Not bad, because the online interest of Italians for the latest generation of mobile phones has in any case increased by +119,9%. With a peak in November, the month traditionally dedicated to the online search for the favorite model to buy, in view of the new releases of the Christmas period and, above all, of Black Friday.

Furthermore, the desired savings by Italian users it was 14,8%. The most interested online in the world of smartphones are confirmed to be the men, which account for about two-thirds of those who research it (72,9% men vs 27,4 women). Most of the research It is carried out by mobile devices (65%), follows the desktop (31,2%) and, finally, the tablets (3,8%).

THEmiddle age of those who, first of all, look online to make the purchase of a new smartphone is among the And 25 34 years(25,5%) and between i And 35 44 years (24,2%), but the range of over 65 (7,5%), slightly lower than that of the very young among the 18 and 24 (10,2%)

Finally, analyzing the Italian regions with a growing interest in smartphones, these are: Lazio (100 points), Lombardy (97,9) and Tuscany (60,8). The least interested online are, on the other hand, Calabria (27,7), Molise (26,3) and Basilicata (17,5).

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Smartphone discounts: how long do you have to wait after the launch of a new model?

Smartphones, like other products, also suffer depreciation from the moment of their launch, which varies by brand and model. According to idealo's analysis, it is not worth buying the new models right away because already after one month since their launch their price, on average, has fallen by 10% but it is after three / four months that you can get the best deals since, for that date, prices drop on average by 20%.

Among the most famous brands, smartphones Apple are the ones that keep the price more and suffer less discounts, with a decrease of 20% only after ten / eleven months from the launch, compared to the average that takes into account all the most popular models on the Italian portal of idealo, whose price drops by 20% after the first quarter.

Furthermore, over the months, the prices of consumer electronics products vary considerably and it is therefore useful to monitor their progress to plan the purchase at the best time.

With the help of a portal such as idealo and the "ideal price" function it is possible to set a price target for the desired smartphone model and be notified when the product reaches it and on which shop to buy at that price.

Analyzing the last year, the month in which smartphone prices were the lowest ever was August; the most expensive one, however, March. If you use the price comparison, the maximum average savings over a year it is equal to 18,3% if you buy in the most advantageous month.

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