How to activate and deactivate VPN on Opera?

Knowing how to protect your privacy on Opera is essential for safe browsing. The use of VPN can only better help you protect yourself from possible attacks.

In a previous tutorial, we saw how to configure Opera's VPN. Now we will tell you how to activate or deactivate it in a few simple steps.

How do I enable or disable Opera's native VPN with the quick badge?

  1. Click on the badge VPN from the address bar. If it is blue, the function is activated. If it is black, the VPN is disabled.

  2. A menu opens. To turn Opera's VPN protection on or off, simply click the push button.

How to enable and disable VPN on Opera from settings?

  1. Push the button Easy setup at the top right of the screen. Go down the menu to the “Privacy and Security” section. Then click on the " Enable in Settings ».

  2. In the tab that opens, click on the " I understand ».

  3. In the “Enable VPN” section, press the push button to enable or disable Opera's built-in VPN. The color of the button changes depending on the state of the feature.

As you can see, it's very easy to get your hands on the Norwegian browser's built-in VPN. It will thus be able to protect you effectively as soon as you need it.

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