How to activate Free Mobile call forwarding?

Call forwarding is a very useful option when you do not want to be disturbed or when you are in an area where the mobile network is not very efficient.

The Free Mobile operator provides two solutions for applying call forwarding to your mobile line.

Activate Free call forwarding with a dedicated phone code

The first solution is to dial a specific telephone code. This procedure is easy to set up and is common to all mobile phones. Whatever your choices, all you have to do is follow this method to activate call forwarding from your mobile phone to another phone, landline or mobile. Note that it is also possible to use this method to transfer a call from a fixed telephone to another fixed or mobile telephone.

Here is the procedure to use to activate call forwarding:
  • To activate call forwarding to another fixed or mobile phone, simply enter the code **twenty-one* followed by the number to which you wish to redirect the call, remembering to conclude with #.
  • Once the transfer has been applied, you can check your settings by dialing the code * # # 21.

However, if you want to delete the recorded call transfer, there is an equally simple method for this:
  • Dial the code 21 ## # to delete the previously set call forwarding.

Free also offers to activate call forwarding from a landline with the following methods.

Unconditional dismissal

Unconditional forwarding allows total transfer from a fixed line to another number. To configure the latter, dial the * 21 * followed by the forwarding number, ending with #. To deactivate it, just dial # 21 #.

forward on busy

As its name suggests, forwarding on busy allows calls to be forwarded when your fixed line is busy. This transfer forwards to another phone instead of redirecting the caller to your mailbox. To activate this forwarding, dial * 69 * followed by the forwarding number, ending with #. To stop this option, dial # 69 #.

Forwarding on no answer

Forwarding on no answer consists of forwarding calls to another number in the event of no response from you rather than a forwarding to your voicemail. To do this, dial * 61 * followed by the forwarding number, ending with #. To deactivate this service, dial # 61 #.

Activate Free call forwarding via the Free Messaging application

The second solution is to download the MVV application, Messaging Vocal Visuel, from Free. In this application there is a tab Parameters in which it is possible to adjust call transfers directly to your answering machine in the event of a double call or a mobile not connected to the mobile network.

The application solution does not offer the possibility of transferring to another number, but only to your answering machine, while the telephone code sends you directly to another number. It happens that some phones also offer a call forwarding option implemented in the mobile settings, but this is not always the case. With the previous solutions, you are sure to be able to forward a call from any mobile phone with the Free mobile offer.

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