How to buy dematerialized RATP tickets or recharge your Navigo Pass on Android?

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The government formalized the deconfinement of the country from May 11, and with it the gradual resumption of transmission lines in the Island of Spain. If you are a user of the RATP network and you have an Android smartphone, you can purchase dematerialized metro tickets or recharge your contactless Navigo.

To limit the spread of the coronavirus, the RATP encourages its users to use “contactless” technology to buy transport tickets or recharge their subscription.

Choose contactless with Vianavigo

It is thus possible to use the Vianavigo application published by Île-de-Espagne Mobilités (Island of Spain transport union), directly from your smartphone if it is running Android (minimum version 6.0), that it is equipped with an NFC chip and that you have an Orange or Sosh SIM card.

Samsung Galaxy smartphones are compatible with this technology but OnePlus, Google Pixel 1 and 2 and Nokia 8 are not, as specified in the application's description sheet.

To find out if your phone is compatible, you can check this Google support link.

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How do I purchase paperless tickets or reload Navigo?

After checking that your smartphone is compatible with contactless payment technology, you will need to download the Vianavigo application to purchase your tickets. You must first create your user profile with the personal information requested.

You can then buy directly from the application:

  • Booklets of Tickets t+

  • Daily, weekly or monthly Navigo passes

  • Special titles (Youth Package, Anti-pollution Package, tickets for Roissy and Orly airports)

Once your tickets have been purchased through the application, they will be stored directly on your smartphone. These will be automatically detected and validated when you pass your device near a terminal. To do this, do not forget to activate the NFC function, otherwise they cannot be detected.

Note that you also have the option of recharging your Navigo pass from your phone by purchasing the pass of your choice on the application and simply placing the pass on the back of your device to load the chosen title.
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