How to cancel your RED by SFR mobile plan?

You have subscribed to a mobile plan with the operator RED by SFR and you now want to end your subscription? We'll walk you through the steps you need to take to do this. Good news, all RED offers are non-binding, which will greatly facilitate the operation.

RED is a subsidiary of SFR. The operator operates the same network as that of its parent company, but offers much more attractive prices while being non-binding (where it is often necessary to commit to 12, 24 or 36 months at SFR). You are therefore free to terminate your contract at any time and without having to pay any additional costs. There are several ways to end your subscription. We describe them to you below, all you have to do is choose the one that seems the simplest to you according to your situation.

Terminate your RED mobile plan via another operator

This is undoubtedly the easiest solution. Of course, you must subscribe to a new plan with another operator so that this one takes care of terminating your subscription with RED. All you have to do is ask your future supplier for number portability so that he can reassign you the same telephone number that you used at RED and take care of terminating your contract with the latter. You will only need to provide him with your RIO number, which is very easy to retrieve these days. We show you precisely, in a dedicated tutorial, how to recover your RIO code from RED.

On the other hand, you cannot require your new operator to terminate your RED subscription for you without keeping the same number.

Terminate your RED mobile plan as the line holder

Unlike some of its competitors, RED does not allow you to easily cancel your subscription in two clicks, it must be an advisor who takes care of it. This is one of the main criticisms that can be addressed to the services of SFR and RED, which complicate handling for customers to discourage them from canceling.

Terminate your RED mobile plan via the application

You must start by contacting the operator via the RED & Me application available on the Play Store for owners of an Android smartphone and on the App Store for those equipped with an iPhone. Once the application has been downloaded and installed on your mobile, open it and look for the "Contact us" section, then select the "Help" option. Then request the cancellation of your subscription. Make sure that your contact details (mail and e-mail) are correct, it is by these means that RED will answer you.

Once you have sent your request, you will receive a confirmation SMS informing you that your request has been taken into account within two working days. Shortly after, a new confirmation will be sent to you by email or post depending on your preferences - note that these can be changed in the account settings.

Termination of the line will then be effective at the earliest within ten calendar days after receipt of the request, which corresponds to the notice period set by the general conditions of your subscription contract. However, this can take longer, so it is better to anticipate when possible so as not to have to pay an extra month for nothing.

Note that once your subscription has been terminated, RED will send you a new login to access your customer account. It will be used to consult the last 24 invoices available after termination.

Cancel your RED mobile plan via customer service

Another possibility to implement the termination: contact customer service. The advantage: you communicate directly with a person who can confirm to you immediately that the termination process has been launched. The downside: the RED advisor will probably ask you why you want to leave the operator and try to convince you to stay.

The best option is to log in to their RED account and go to the customer area. From there, get in touch with an advisor through the chat tool. It is also possible to leave a message on the forum or to try through social networks, but the chat method is often the most effective.

Note that you cannot contact RED by phone as part of a mobile plan, only RED box subscribers benefit from this service. This is also one of the reasons why subscribing to RED is attractive: there are concessions to be made in terms of customer service.

Terminate your RED mobile plan by mail

Last alternative, you also have the option of sending RED a termination letter by post. Here is the address :

SFR termination
ASD 30103
69947 LYON Cedex 20

Terminate your RED mobile plan without being the holder of the line

In the event of death or disappearance for example, or quite simply if you do not have the identifiers relating to the account, it is possible to terminate the contract for a line without being the holder. You need to fill out an online form for this. A confirmation message will then be sent to you to certify that the request has been taken into account. RED will then contact you by e-mail to tell you what to do depending on your situation. Supporting documents or additional information may be requested. You will finally receive a final e-mail to inform you that the termination was successful.

Cancel a termination of your RED mobile plan

Have you changed your mind ? You have a withdrawal period of eight days to cancel the termination procedure. All you have to do is contact RED by one of the means described above (not necessarily the one used to make the request) and request the cancellation. The line will be put back into service within two hours after the effective cancellation of the termination. Depending on your preferences, you will then receive a confirmation email or letter.

Suspend your RED mobile plan

If you go abroad for a few months, for example, you may want to keep your current plan to keep your phone number or your benefits, but without continuing to pay for nothing. You then have the opportunity to suspend your line for the time during which you will not need your package. When you return, you can then resume your line as if nothing had happened. To request a suspension of the mobile plan, contact RED by one of the means listed above.

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