Teufel Airy Sports review: the ideal earphones for those who train

We tested the Bluetooth headsets for a few days Teufel Airy Sports and, after races and training to the sound of music, we are ready for one review. These sports headphones really are excellent for those who train, fatigue and sweats: ergonomics of the earphones is really good. But let's go and see everything we liked (and the small defects we found) about these Bluetooth headsets for playing sports.

Teufel Airy Sports review: excellent ergonomics

The new headphones from Teufel, a Berlin-based company that has just landed in Italy, immediately struck us for it minimalist style. Even the box is simple and with clean graphics, although the headphones inside are well protected. Also find the travel case e two pairs of spare rubber pads, to fit all ear cups, as well as the charging cable.

The thread behind the neck can be easily adjusted in length, so that you fit snugly while you run or train. The brand name in italics is embossed on the two earphones and on the controls, which you find under the right earphone. The thing we liked the most is the design of the earphones, with the covered headband which anchors the headset very well to your ears.

The greatest value of the Teufel Airy Sports is undoubtedly the build quality and ergonomics: we immediately heard the headset very solid, with perfectly positioned soft pads. Even running with a hat, hood and hood pulled in the rain, we are not there never had to stop to fix the headphones in place. This is the fundamental quality when training: an essential test that the Teufel Airy Sports pass with flying colors. I am also resistant to sweat and water, certified IPX7: you can train in any conditions without fear of them being ruined.

Audio quality and controls

Teufel AIry Sports headphones have driver da 12mm, which in our opinion sound very good. The sound is clear and the maximum volume level allows you to hear well even while running on a sidewalk with traffic next to it. With the application Teufel Headphones you can adjust l’EQ to seek deeper bass or greater clarity in the mids and highs. However, we also found the initial settings to be very balanced, great for podcasts as well as music. THE details are clear and good spatiality. You weren't expecting concert hall performance, but for the size of the earphones and considering they are meant for sports, Teufel studied the sound of these headphones really well.

One quality we liked is the fact that the headphones they do not reduce external noise excessively. That could be a problem on the subway, but while running or cycling it is helpful to hear its exterior. All without ruining the listening experience.

The controls, on the other hand, seemed less intuitive than they could have been. In addition to + and al - to adjust the volume, there is only one multifunction button. It is quite resistant to the touch, which is a great quality for sports headphones. The problem we encountered lies in the difference between activating the voice assistant (press for 2 seconds) and turn off the headphones (press for 3-4 seconds). THE sound feedback they allow you to immediately understand if you left the pressure too soon but it took a couple of runs for it to come natural to us.

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Teufel Airy Sports Review: Calls and Extra Features

The Teufel Airy Sports convinced us in the main features: in this review we have already explained how the ergonomics and the sound are excellent. This should suffice if you want the headphones mainly for running, train at home or in the gym and play sports.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for complete headphones, which you can use in any situation, some flaws emerge. In the calls we have made, we have seen a good functioning of the keys to answer and end the call. However, the performance of the microphones did not convince us as much. The people we spoke to understood us well but complained of a slightly low volume and Fruscio of the wind when we used them outdoors.

Instead, the voice assistants (you can use both Google and Siri). An interesting feature is ShareMe, which allows you to connect two headphones wirelessly with the Teufel Headphones app. We didn't use it a lot (in fact, we did it mainly to try it for this review) but it can be interesting for those who train us in a group and want to try to do it at the same pace.

Battery autonomy and charging

Teufel declares an autonomy of 25 hours for Airy Sports, and we have to admit that we had to work hard to drain the battery in time for this review, even without fully charging it first. So we can say that are enough for several days of training, even for the most athletic ones.

Charging, on the other hand, works via the mini USB press that you find under the controls of the headphones. In the box you will find the USB-mini USB cable, ma not the power supply. The entrance is covered by a rubber that is a bit complicated to open, especially if you have short nails. Nothing impossible but we would have liked a more comfortable solution. Also there lack of USB-C and fast charging it might be a problem for some, although the long battery life makes it easy to schedule charging.

Teufel Airy Sports review: buy them or not?

The new Teufel Airy Sports are priced at 119,99 euro. At this price I take you home (or to the gym) a pair of headphones fromexcellent ergonomics and by 'very good audio. If you use them for sports, you don't need anything else and the price is in line with the quality offered. They are just fine for occasional calls, to occasionally activate Siri and the Google Assistant, but smart features aren't the reason to buy them. I'm sports headphones and they excel in this category: if you are looking for less specialized earphones, there are other headphones to consider. So buying is recommended if you like run and train to the sound of music.

Teufel Airy Sports

  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Very good audio
  • Great autonomy
  • Not perfect calls
  • Inconvenient refill

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