How to convert your RGB document to CMYK in Illustrator?

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Some documents made on Illustrator are intended for printing but several parameters must be checked to avoid making an error, including the colorimetric mode.
We will see step by step how convert your document RGB (Red, Green, Blue) to CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black).


How to convert your RGB document to CMYK in Illustrator?

1. Open the file you want to convert
File> Open
We take as an example a design with a strong contrast to illustrate the importance of converting your documents before printing.

Tip: We can notice here that the document is indeed in RGB as indicated by the arrow.

Open the document you want to convert

2. To convert your document

Go to the tab File > Color Mode > CMYK Colors

Here we can see that "RGB colors" is checked, so it is indeed an RGB document.

Convert your document

3. Once validated, the document changes to CMYK, all non-printable RGB colors are adjusted to have a printable CMYK rendering.
As you can see, the green has become much duller.

We deliberately exaggerated the colors so that we understand the importance of converting the document before printing.

CMJN mode

4. You can now save your document and continue working on it if needed.

It is very important to do this manipulation each time a document is intended for printing. This helps to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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