How to create an Android app without having to code

How to create an Android app without having to code

WordPress, Drupal, WeMaker,… these sites facilitate the creation of websites without necessarily having to know HTML or CSS inside out. Corn how to create a mobile application without having to code? Is there the same kind of platform to develop an application without having to master Java or HTML?

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The following selection of online mobile application designers will offer you sites that can facilitate the creation of applications for many people hermetic to computer languages. Several services are available to the general public showing you how to design apps for Android.

First of all, you should know that two mobile applications stand out: the mobile versions of pre-existing websites. These applications are coded in HTML5 and generally cost around fifteen euros per month. As for apps that can be downloaded from the Play Store, these apps will cost on average around thirty euros per month.

How to create an Android application?

Good Barber

The first one we present to you is called Good Barber. Created in Corsica, the service allows you to create very close to multi-platform applications. It offers elegant and varied designs and works very simply like a CMS.

To access the site's minimum service, you will have to pay the sum of 16 €, which remains a very interesting case for the service.

As a

Created in Israel, Como is one of the most functional creation platforms there is. Three-in-one, the service offered covers both creation, promotion and management of applications. It is quite easy to find your professional design among the choices of themes that are offered to you.

You can also integrate advanced functions such as the possibility of payment within the application, the possibility for customers to order via your app, etc. After having made the creation step easier for you, Como oversees the promotion of your service via Facebook campaigns for example or by QR codes. The management of your application is done via trackers recording the activities generated (purchases, reservations, orders, etc.) on your service.

As an Amazon partner, it is possible for you to appear on the AppShop. Prices start at around € 42 per month.


It is one of the most well-known services today and also one of the most complete, which explains it. With App-builder, you have the ability to incorporate RSS feeds, .pdf, Twitter, and more. The site works in drag and drop. You can in particular customize the template by affixing your name and modifying the colors of the environment, ...

Regularly updated, App-Builder suffers from some bugs because of its many new features brought by the updates. These are logically quickly corrected, the fact remains that it is binding. Advertising can be disabled by setting a monthly fee starting at € 49 per month.

Appy Pie

This is one of the services experiencing rapid development. Renowned worldwide and mentioned in the Wall Street Journal or on VentureBeat, it allows the design of applications for Android, iOS, Windows Phone et BlackBerry. Once published, they appear directly in their respective market places including that of Appy Pie.

Push notifications, social networks, blog, photo albums and data sharing methods. Features dedicated to restaurant applications are available as well as GPS trackers for targeting customers by geographic area.

Management options are also provided to track your company's application voting activity. The HTML5 design of your application starts for free. To publish it, the first plan will cost you $ 7 per month for an application. Each package offers a site designed for mobiles and provides customer service.

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The MakeMeDroid site looks like a very good element at your disposal. The work interface entirely on their site gives you access to mobile screens that you will then have to link together as you wish. All you have to do is complete with the visuals and texts you want.

You benefit from an automatic update system. Here too, it is possible to integrate RSS feeds, instant messaging, etc. According to them, it would be necessary About 2 hours to create an application blog type without needing to test on a smartphone, an emulator is included.

The tool is completely free, but a Pro plan aims to develop the application you want for you, a service which will obviously not be free. If not all of the options you want are available, keep in mind that MakeMeDroid is free and that it is above all a good way to start.


Cross-platform, AppMakr lets you build long-lasting apps at no cost. No matter how many concepts you can create, it won't cost you anything. You can activate push notifications, HTML5 content, HD photo galleries and many more. You can also install a monetization protocol.

As an advantage, the application you have designed will be registered and published in your name and not that of AppMakr. However, free access is not so easy, it involves the appearance of advertisements on your creation. If you want to avoid advertising, the prices for an Android app starts at $ 1 per month and € 7 per month for an Android and HTML5 application appearing on the Google Play Store.


This is a non-exhaustive list of sites helping people wondering comment create a mobile application without knowing any computer language. In previous preferences, our choices would focus on the first sites offered, but everything is a matter of taste and especially of wallet.

Most of its sites offer trial offers for ten days, the best we can recommend is to try these addresses, and take the time to do what you have in mind and see if that matches your project.

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