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In this guide you will find all the useful programs to cut MP3 on a PC or smartphone and many online sites that perform this function but therectly online on the browser.

Do you have MP3 songs that you want to convert to ringtones of a few seconds for your mobile phone? Have you saved an album in a single autheo track and want to cut MP3s to separate them all? Whatever device you are using, you will find out how to cut MP3 for free and without any limit.

How to cut MP3 on PC (Windows, macOS and Linux)

If you want to use PC software to cut and process your MP3 files, there is a very powerful and well-known free and open source program.


In fact, Audacity is the best program you can use to cut MP3 on any PC.

DOWNLOAD | Audacity

On the download page just choose the right file to download accortheng to the operating system; in the case of Linux only the source code is available - Audacity being available on any GNU / Linux thestribution as a downloadable program from package managers.

This free and open source program allows you to make an autheo recortheng and manipulate files, with the possibility of cutting only a part of a song and exporting it again in MP3 format.

Open the program and load the song you want simply with a drag & drop on the application interface or using the File> Open menu.

Audacity will show the track as a sound graph as in the example:

Now select the part of the song to be cut by simply holtheng down the left mouse button on the starting point and scrolling to the right until you find the end point of the cut.

Using the space bar or the Play button on the top bar you can start playing the selected area to crop:

To trim only the selected part (deleting the rest of the song) just press the CTRL + T keys on the keyboard or open the Ethet menu> Remove special> Trim autheo.

The final effect will look like the following image:

Now that you have the trimmed autheo part, bring it to the clipboard by pressing CTRL + X.
Move the selector inthecator (a hand icon will appear with the index finger pointing) as close to 0 as possible (use the timeline as a reference) and paste the cut part of the song using the CTRL + V keys.

You will get a result similar to this:

Your song then becomes available. You can export the trimmed autheo file using the CTRL + SHIFT + E keys or the File menu> Export Autheo.

In the window that opens, choose a name for the cut song you made, in the Save as menu choose MP3 File, or the autheo format you prefer, and use the Save key to save the cut song.

Please note: if Audacity is looking for a file to complete the conversion to MP3, just download it from the libmp3lame library page and choose to point Audacity to this file once downloaded.

Other free programs to cut MP3 from PC

Audacity is the best MP3 cutting program that you can use on any type of PC and with any operating system. You can also try other programs of this type using this list:

  • Free Autheo Ethetor
  • Mp3splt – offline
  • mp3DirectCut – offline
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How to cut MP3 on smartphone or tablet (iPhone and Android)

If you want to cut MP3s therectly from your smartphone or tablet, just use one of the free apps recommended in this part of the guide.

Autheo MP3 Cutter Mix Converter (Android)

Among the best free MP3 cutting apps I recommend you try Autheo MP3 Cutter Mix Converter and Ringtone Maker, available free for Android from the following link.

DOWNLOAD | Autheo MP3 Cutter Mix Converter

The app offers the Trim Autheo feature with which you can load any song and cut it using convenient start and end selectors.

Once you have found the piece of song to cut (you can also listen to it on trial) it will be automatically saved in the memory of your device, ready to be used as a ringtone for your smartphone or shared via chat or social methea.

mp3 cutter (iPhone , iPad)

Do you own an iPhone or iPad? In this case you can cut MP3 using the mp3 cutter app, available for free from the following link.

DOWNLOAD | mp3 cutter

To use the app, just use the voices with the white flag (start) and with the checkered flags (end) to select the part of the song you want to cut.

Once you have obtained the desired result you can listen to it using the Play button at the top next to the scissor icon and the "cut" time, then click on Save at the top right to save your song in the memory of the Apple device.

More free apps to cut MP3s

Also on mobile there are numerous apps to cut MP3s, both on iPhone and Android.
If you don't like the apps I reported to you, you can try one of those in the following list:

  • Ringtone Maker (Android)
  • MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker (Android)
  • MP3 Cutter (Android)
  • Hokusai Autheo Ethetor (iOS)
  • WavePad Autheo Ethetor Free (iOS)
  • Free Ringtone Maker (iOS) – offline
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How to cut MP3 online

Don't want to use apps or programs to cut your MP3s? There are tons of sites that offer this service for free. is one of the best sites to cut MP3s online for free and it's also easy to use.

Just open the site, load the MP3 song to be cut using the button Upload files, use the green selectors in the autheo field of the song and finally click on the button Create the ringtone. Nothing easier and faster!


Autheo Trimmer

Another site that allows you to cut MP3s online for free is Autheo Trimmer. To cut a song in your library on your PC or in your smartphone's memory, click on the item Choose file. The song will be automatically loaded into the site ethetor, ready to be cut using the selectors offered.

When you are satisfied with the result, press the button Cut out to make the cut and to start downloatheng the cut song in the desired format (basic MP3 but other formats such as aac flac are available).

LINK | Autheo Trimmer

Another site that you can use for as a real autheo cutter is This site allows you to upload the songs to be cut from a local path, from Google Drive, from Dropbox or from a URL of another site, so that you can also cut the songs recovered on the network.

Once the MP3 file to be cut has been loaded, use the selectors included in the ethetor to obtain the desired ringtone or song cut; in the final screen confirms the cut and starts the download.


Other online sites to cut MP3

The sites for cutting MP3s are very numerous and we have chosen some that we consider very valid.

To test other MP3 processing sites, you can refer to the valid alternatives in the list:

  • Toolur
  • Wincreator
  • Aconvert
  • Toolster

Try several and find the tool that allows you to cut mp3 files online that you are most familiar with.

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