How to delete a Facebook Messenger account

You can manage multiple accounts from the Facebook Messenger app, but you may not all be useful anymore. In order to delete an account, it's very simple, just follow this little tutorial. Get out your smartphones, it's your turn to play now. 

Facebook inspires more and more distrust of users, and for good reason: the social network has multiplied the errors and left our personal data accessible to whoever wanted it, some not having been shy to exploit them for malicious purposes ( cuckoo Cambridge Analytica). We have already explained to you how to permanently delete a Facebook account, we now move on to the maneuver to close a Messenger account. Useful when you manage several profiles at the same time and you no longer need or want to associate it with your app, but keep your main account.

How to close your Facebook Messenger account

Simply follow these steps to get rid of an account on Mark Zuckerberg's instant messaging app:

  • On your Android smartphone, enter the Facebook Messenger app
  • Tap on your profile picture, top right, next to the Facebook logo
  • Scroll until you see the menu Change account and select it
  • Choose the account to delete from those available
  • Tap three small dots
  • Select Delete account

There you go, it's done! You can also repeat the operation with the other accounts you had access to, as long as you have at least one left, the original one.

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