How to Disable Double Authentication Login on YouTube?

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Online services are increasingly secure. YouTube is no exception as the host has announced that all content creators YouTube Partner Program members will need to set up two-factor authentication on their account . The measure has become mandatory since November 1, 2021. For other users of the platform, it remains, for the moment, optional. It is always possible to deactivate it, if it is already in place.

Two-factor authentication is a two-step security measure. The user must first connect in the classic way (username and password). In a second step, Google verifies their identity by sending a code to the user's phone via SMS, call or a prompt. Other security methods can be implemented (emergency code, for example). As the creation of a YouTube profile requires having a Google account beforehand, all the security procedures must therefore be activated by this means. For deactivation, the same applies.

Disable two-factor login on YouTube

As the YouTube profile is linked to the Google account, you will have to go to the latter to deactivate double authentication. For it :

1. Go to your Google profile.

2. Find the "Security" section in the left column.

3. Locate the “Two-Step Verification” subsection. It is located in the part called "Login to Google". Click on the small gray arrow next to the blue tick labeled "Enable".

4. Google will ask you to authenticate. Enter your username and password then press “Next”.

5. Click on the "Disable" button. A pop-up window appears. Press "Disable" to confirm your choice.

6. You have successfully deactivated two-factor authentication. This will be effective both on your Google account and on your YouTube profile.

Once done, the connection will be made only through a password. Be careful though, your account will not be as secure as with double authentication.

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