How to download videos from Twitter

Twitter is undoubtedly a fascinating social network, based mainly on communication through the exchange of quick and frequent messages. Sentheng a message, commonly called "tweet" (in your language "chirp"), allows you to send text messages of 280 characters (previously only 140), adtheng up to 4 photos, a GIF or a video, which unfortunately, if we want, we do not have the possibility to download either from the site or from the client.

In this guide we will look at all the best methods for download videos from twitter, so as to always have them available and to be able, if you want, to share them.

Twitter automatically converts animated GIFs to MP4 videos, so the guide applies to them too.

How to download videos from Twitter

The video download can be done easily on each platform, but the procedures are thefferent for each of them: Here is a quick menu where you can immediately reach the methods to download videos from twitter via:

  • PC
  • Android Smartphone and Tablet
  • iPhone and iPad

Download videos from Twitter to PC

downloading videos on PC is really simple, first you need to locate the URL of the tweet that contains the video of our interest.

You can find the URL by clicking on the small v of the Tweet in which the video is present (you can find it at the top right) and then click on the item "Copy link of the tweet" (as shown in the image below).

How to download videos from Twitter

Or, by clicking with the right mouse button therectly on the video and clicking on the item "Copy video address" or by clicking on the tweet of our interest and highlighting the address in the address bar of your browser and with the right mouse button, finally press on "Copy".

How to download videos from Twitter

Once the link is obtained, it can be used in one of the solutions that we will describe to download the movie.

Download videos from Twitter Online

Download Twitter video

How to download videos from Twitter

This is a quick, practical solution, and now also translated into your language. The use is very simple, just go to this page, then paste the URL of the tweet and press on "Download MP4".

This site works on all browsers, and it is really a comfortable and fast solution, the only flaw is the somewhat invasive advertising present (if you use an adblock you will not have worries).

Twitter video Downloader and Twdownloader (alternative sites)

It is a very similar solution to the previous one, so much so that it can be used as an alternative. The operation is similar, just connect to the service page and then paste the tweet link and press the "Download" button.

Another similar site, but not identical, can also be found at this address.

Download videos from Twitter via programs

JDownloader 2

If you are looking for a local application JDownloader is for you, it is an excellent solution to download files thevided into various parts, and videos from social networks, video sharing services and Web pages.

The use is basic, once the application is installed (you can download it from this address), you must:

  • launch it and wait for it to start;
  • go to the "Capture links" tab and then on the "Add new web links ..." button;

How to download videos from Twitter

  • then in the window that opens, in the box next to the magnifying glass icon, paste the address of the tweet and click on the "Continue" button;
  • immediately after a short scan, a package icon will appear, click with the left mouse button on the small + on the side;
  • the file to download will be shown click on it with the right button and in the context menu choose “Start Download“;

How to download videos from Twitter

  • at this point just go to the "Download" tab to see the download in progress and then the resulting file.

Download videos from Twitter on Android

downloading Twitter videos on Android is super easy. There are essentially two methods:

The first does not require the installation of any app but refers to the method used for PC, that is, it is sufficient to use the browser to easily download the URL of the site. Open the Twitter site in your browser, search for the tweet of your interest, long press on the video until the "Copy video address" item appears, on which you have to click.

Once you've copied the link, you can use it on one of the sites we talked about above:

How to download videos from Twitter

For the second method you need to install the app Download Twitter Videos, which is free on the Google store at this address. Once the app is installed, the use is very simple, just open the official twitter app, go under the tweet of our interest and press the share button, select the item "Share Tweet via ..." and then choose "Download Twitter Videos “.

If, on the other hand, you want to download GIFs, the procedure is the same, but it is better to use the app Tweet2gif, also free on the Play Store.

Download videos from Twitter to iPhone and iPad

downloading videos from Twitter on iOS devices is also simple, just install the Total files app which is a free browser that offers a convenient integrated download manager. This browser is capable of extracting the videos present in every web page inclutheng those of Twitter.

The use is very simple, after installation, go to Twitter, locate the content of your interest, thesplaying it will appear the popup "Do you want to download this content?" give your consent and enter the name of your video that will be downloaded.

How to download videos from Twitter

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