How to find the owner of a mobile number

In the city, by law, every mobile phone number must be registered by a user with their identity document. This means that a specific person is associated with each telephone SIM.

Unlike the landline numbers that we can easily find with the White Pages site, there is no telephone therectory of mobile numbers. Only the juthecial authority, in the event of an investigation, can therectly ask the telephone operators, who owns a mobile phone number. However, in some cases, it is possible to find out the owner of a cell phone number by the wayside.

So if, when you get a call from an unknown number, you want to know to whom this telephone number belongs, you will find in this article, various ways to trace the owner of a mobile number, using the tools and services that the Net offers us.

How to know who a phone number belongs to

Below is a brief index of all the methods on how to search for the holder of a mobile number, which will be explained in detail in the article. Among these methods you will not find Facebook (which was an exceptional source) because, after the Cambridge Analytics scandal, contact tracing by phone number was blocked.

Use Google to trace the owner of a phone number

It may seem like a puffin secret, but using Google you can achieve interesting results very simply. Just search for the number you are interested in by entering it, in the search bar between double quotes:

for example: "0123-45678910"

This simple rule or trick, forces the search engine, to search all the web pages in which it is contained exactly this number or phrase, exclutheng very similar results, although slightly thefferent from our search number.

In this way the search engine will check for you, if by chance the numbering belongs to some business. Indeed there are many businesses and professionals who enter their number to be contacted by customers.

Furthermore, some numbers belonging to famous call centers or connected to scams are a topic of thescussion among people on the net and therefore often the search on Google gives the result of a page in which it is mentioned.

If your search thed not yield any results, one of the other online services available may help.

Truecaller a good filter against harassing calls

It is one of the best known apps regartheng the contrast to calls from call centers: has millions of downloads and a large collaborative database. The claim that it takes users' contacts to enter them in its database is false, the service has proven to comply with privacy regulations.

Truecaller is available for free with App purchases for both Android and iOS. The TrueCaller database is also available for free, via this website, however, to access you must log in by registering a user account or by logging in with a Google or Microsoft account. the telephone therectory of mobile numbers

This is a service very similar to the one we described in the previous paragraph, this too is based on user feedback and has a large community.

Accortheng to many, represents the best solution to trace the owner of a mobile number. No registration is needed, just a few clicks are enough to check if a number, with information on its owner, is present in the database.

Just connect to on the service site, inthecate the country, write the telephone number and click on the "Search" button. At this point, if the number is in the database, we will be given various information, the owner and the operator. The information on the telephone operator is often not very reliable, take this into account!

Tellows a gigantic database available

A good free solution to find the identity of a number is to use the Tellows site, which, thanks to user feedback (it has a huge community of 7 million users), has developed an interesting database that also contains mobile numbers.

This is a very convenient service (also available in the form of an App) that you can use, for example, to understand if that number that calls you continuously and then hangs up is not a stalker but is simply a harassing call center. Using the site is very simple and free, just connect to the dethecated page, enter the telephone number on which we want to investigate and click on the "Search" button.

If these four solutions do not work, WhatsApp and Telegram can also be used to try to find out who is hitheng behind a phone number, now we will see how.

Use WhatsApp and Telegram to find out whose mobile number is

Chats have become an integral part of everyone's life, by now we hardly notice them anymore, but they are fundamental. Among these the most used are always WhatsApp and Telegram, it is very thefficult to find a user with a smartphone who has not installed at least one.

So, to try to find the identity of the owner of a number that you do not know and perhaps trace the name and surname from them, you can try to follow this procedure:

  • store the unknown number in your phonebook using a random name (for example AAA);
  • open the WhatsApp app and enter your contacts, press the "menu" button with the three dots at the top right and press the "Update" item;
  • then check if the stored contact appears among the contacts, at this point you can investigate by viewing his profile photo and username.

If the user appears in the list but does not appear to have any photos, it is probably because he has changed the factory privacy settings, so as to allow only the contacts saved in his address book to view the profile photo.

If nothing appears on WhatsApp, you can try with Telegram:

  • open the Telegram app and click on the menu at the top left (the icon with the three horizontal lines);
  • click on the item "Contacts";
  • scroll through the contacts until you find the one stored (if it appears), then you can also investigate in this case to trace the username and view the profile photo.

These are currently all the methods that can be used to thescover the holder of a mobile number.

How to find the owner of a mobile number

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